July 21st, 2024

UCP shouldn’t be tampering with the great pension plan seniors depend upon

By Lethbridge Herald on September 27, 2023.


I am very alarmed at the thought of the Alberta UCP government taking over our CPP. Alberta has a population of about four million which is not large enough to sustain a pension plan like CPP. Canada’s population is just over 40 million so has been able to sustain the CPP introduced in 1965. 

The CPP has an excellent record of investment; many people of other countries have expressed their envy of our stable and growing CPP. Alberta would be ill-advised to tamper with this gold standard pension.

The majority of Alberta seniors and future seniors depend and will depend upon the CPP and OAS as they have no other pensions so these need to be kept intact and viable.

Faye Van Deurzen


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Then you prefer no increase in your benefits and are content to sit on the sidelines and cry about how insignificant the pay from the current CPP is. Don’t know an employee anywhere who has actually read the details who wouldn’t prefer an extra 1400.00 a year in their pockets.


C’mon Buckwheat. Those numbers are just a fantasy made up to fool Albertans. If you believe that I have a bridge I want to sell you.How can you trust this government to be honest with you when they want to ditch the CPP? They think they are going to get about half of the current CPP balance just handed to them. That is NEVER going to happen.


there is no factual nor ironclad basis for that number, buck.


Once again, ‘comic relief’ is up to his usual bs.

Southern Albertan

Agreed…my main concern is that the Smith UCP wishes to have access to the funds and would interfere with them. Then, as an article today in The Globe and Mail says, the APP is “full of holes.”
We even have elderly UCP voting neighbours who do not wish to leave CPP. They’re smart enough to see a bad deal. And, if anyone would believe that Alberta would get over 50% of the whole CPP funds is, as has been said, in fairy tale land. That Alberta would not get that amount ruins the whole plan. The settlement and negotiations would take years and likely end up in the courts, at Alberta taxpayer’s expense, of course. Does anyone believe that the rest of Canada/the other provinces aren’t going to have a say here? Of course they will!
I filled out both the UCP and NDP surveys and made it known that I would be voting against leaving CPP.

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I actually looked at the report and the number 1 stated assumption is that Alberta will get 53% of the money and later pointed out that the top risk is that Alberta will not get 53%. A dollar put into CPP is worth the same as any dollar from other parts of Canada as you eventual payment is based on worked years and dollars contributed so in what fantasy does Alberta get 53% of the money?? Then the reports states all the acturial calculations are based on public available information so all the calculations are based on pretend information as I sure hope and expect that my years worked and contributions are not public information. Please do note vote this in.


This is just a terrible idea. It is part of their plan to separate from Canada. Next will be a Provincial Police force to further cut the ties with Canada. Not only is this a bad idea financially, it is the beginning of the end of Canada as we know it. Don’t be fooled by these crooks in charge of the province right now.


I am greatly astonished as to how scared or brainwashed Alberta is or has become.
First of all : our dear province of Alberta has as of Q3 of 2023 a population of 4.7 million, in other words we don’t need the contributions of 40 million or thereabouts to sustain a pension plan for just under 5 million.
Second : according to StatCanada, Alberta has the youngest population of Canada at a median age of 36.8 years. since 2016 we have been getting younger, (in 2016 the median age stood at 38.4) and we are still moving in that direction, which means there are more people contributing than there are people withdrawing (do your own research FOLKS!!, compare with the rest of the country)
Furthermore :The province of Alberta is #4 in population but has the 3rd largest economy in Canada. We work hard for our money why not have better control over it?
AND PLEASE who in the right mind would trust the Globe and Mail with important decisions, when it is well known that they are federally subsidized?? In 2019 the Globe and Mail received a nice FAT portion of a $595 million subsidy program endorsed by your dearest “Honourable Prime Part Time Arts Teacher”… these are the people you trust to have an opinion about YOUR MONEY?? do you remember what you were doing in 2019 ?? I hope I don’t have to remind anybody.
Oh I am so sorry I forgot to mention the trustworthy Globe and Mail is solely held by the Thompson family which as of May 2020 was worth just “barely” over $34 BILLION… and oh so sorry again as of 2023 they’re worth over $54billion. GOOD FOR THEM EH?? I guess…
And to top it off, you are telling the hardworking Albertans and the Canadian Jewish Community that you trust the FEDS more than you trust our provincial Government?? (after the standing ovation to a ukrainian nazi collaborator fiasco??) REALLY???
Granted the numbers might look a bit optimistic but it won’t hurt to take a stab at the fat cat. Working Stiffs are simply BEYOND “sick and something else” tired of being trampled on by a part time art teacher’s entourage.
change has always been a bit uncomfortable, just ask your immigrant friends
A lot less Ottawa and a bit more ALBERTA would be a welcoming change.
Jesus Mossa, Fort MacLeod


Well, that was unhinged.

I guess we should expect the hucksters to be out selling the benefits of snake oil.

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John P Nightingale

Was wondering how long the recent Speaker fiasco would be brought up. As if that has any bearing on the initial content . Further, all media received a chunk of the subsidy as did pretty well all major industries including the oil and gas sector. And now, the UCP is proposing paying the sector to clean up their environmental mess. So now, who is beholden to whom?
I would imagine you get your trustworthy news from The National Post and just possibly that bastion of “truth” Alex Jones.
And , we are actually a country , something you clearly do not understand or appreciate.


well said


holy, jesus, is that quite some rant. seems the best thing for you and ilk would be to hole up in the macleod fort until smitty can liberate alberta from the clutches of big bad canada. and, no less, the world economy and the oligarchs, which of course have no bearing on what would happen in a “free” alberta under queen smitty.

as for your great insight about the inviting of a ukrainian soldier with the german army in ww2: would have been wise to have vetted him, but who knew? do we believe the speaker supports nazis – is there evidence to as much? put another way, was this just not an honest mistake – done without intent? if so, then an apology would be enough, in a decent society. however, it seems we have gone stark crazy pile on mad! burn the witches!

so, speaker forced to resign, even as all of the grandstanding puppets in the house stood ever more proud and beaming than the next, in applause for someone none of them knew, knew of – OR VETTED! therefore, if speaker is so guilty of an act so egregious that compels his resignation, then ditto to each of the ignorant puppets that also stood and applauded, and as puff-chested as they each could. THEY MAYBE DID NOT INVITE THE GUY WITH THE NAZI PAST INTO THE HOUSE, BUT THEY EACH SURE ENOUGH PROUDLY WELCOMED AND HONOURED HIM. THAT LACK OF VIGILANCE IS LITTLE DIFFERENT THAN MR SPEAKER”S.

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