July 16th, 2024

Albertans want reliable and affordable electricity

By Lethbridge Herald on October 12, 2023.


Re: “No one wants blackouts.” 

Canadians want reliable and affordable power which does not contribute to climate change. Decades ago, nobody imagined that Alberta would develop technology to extract oil from the oil sands in northern Alberta. Equally, technological solutions will be found for the challenges of renewables. 

Scientists and engineers of today are just as brilliant and resourceful as scientists of over 50 years ago. 

No need for the UCP to place a two-page ad in the Herald paid for by the Alberta government. 

Leslie Lavers


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First of all renewables are intermittent, as you can not capture the wind and “renew’ it. Same applies to fossil fuels, once used gone. The term renewable is a misnomer. Second a few years back the chattering classes were mounting protests and demonstrations around the world espousing 350, 350 as in 350 parts per million of Carbon dioxide. Today the CO2 number is kicking up dust around the 420 mark despite all that has been spent and done to prevent “climate Armageddon”. A question I have asked on many forums is: How low do you take this carbon dioxide number? 150, 200, 250. What is the magic number?? As I am nothing more than an inquisitive mind, I wonder at what number does the human race cease to exist. At what number does plant life start to die off? Why do we pump the dreaded gas CO2 into green houses.?

John P Nightingale

You really don’t know the answer to your last question? Sad, very sad.


Maybe, Buckman, enroll in Alberta’s Grade 6 curriculum.
No shame in learning at any level.


This government is more enthusiastic about spending taxpayer dollars on PR and lawyers than it does on health care and education.

We are a long way from being challenged by grid stability – the ‘freeze in the dark’ campaign is just more hyperbolic heavy breathing by Premier Parker.