February 21st, 2024

Provincial government showed disrespect with Herald ads

By Lethbridge Herald on October 13, 2023.


You can imagine my surprise upon getting our Herald this Friday morning, Oct. 6 with the front page blackened, courtesy of our provincial government – and disrespecting our federal government – “Tell the Feds.”

 Then, to turn the page and find another full black page.  My question to our premier is this: what was the cost of this campaign?  I would guess that the black was shared in more newspapers than just ours.  How does the provincial government justify this spending?

I wonder if this money would be better spent to support our children’s education?  Ifeel this is just another “black” mark on the UCP.

Ruth Pelletier

Picture Butte

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Well, it is certainly better than Notley running around yelling with McGowan et al that “They want to steal you’re pension. Last thing you supporters o the NDP want is an informed public.

Fedup Conservative

Maybe you should get your head out of your ass and get into the real world before someone takes exception to your idiotic comments and hauls you into court. Being a Reform Party Ass Kisser doesn’t make you a Conservative so why haven’t you joined the thousands of Alberta conservatives who voted NDP to put a stop to this stupidity? Apparently you haven’t talked to the lawyers, accountants, oilmen, bankers and former MLAs who agreed with what she was doing, have you? None show any use for this liar Danielle Smith, so why do you?


You should maybe be more objective in your comments. You have an opportunity to do two surveys, consults and if it goes to a referendum you can vote. You may or may not get your wish, that is the democratic way. From your comments it appears you don’t understand this process and having observed your rants for years one can possibly assume that the only opinion you like is yours, coming out of everyone else’s mouth. Quite simply, Notley says the UCP are stealing your pension and you believe her. Your prerogative. P.S. I will do both surveys and vote accordingly and not be bullied by you and your oilmen friends.

Southern Albertan

Agreed. One UCP $7.5 million dollar ad campaign that is not working is their Alberta pension plan one.
“Danielle Smith’s big-money sales pitch on Alberta pension plan hasn’t worked yet. A past analysis for UCP minister expressed that seems almost absent from current message.”
Even our UCP-voting neighbour folks can see that an Alberta pension plan is an iffy deal. And, this all while both urban and rural municipalities, for example, are begging for more funding, let alone underfunded health care and education.