July 12th, 2024

UCP advertisements constitute harassment of Albertans

By Lethbridge Herald on November 10, 2023.


The UCP government needs to stop the harassment of Albertans. First, we get full page ads with an ‘over the rainbow’ fairy tale about the proposed APP and what proportion of the CPP assets they claim belong to Alberta. Then, we get phone calls to attend ‘town hall’ meetings, followed by cards in the mail, which are also about the APP and the UCP town halls. 

This is a waste of taxpayers’ money. They are trying to get us to change our minds and vote in favour of their proposed APP in a referendum, even though polls show the majority of Albertans support staying with the CPP. Leave us alone. Whoever did the so-called analysis didn’t include important data.  

Alberta has a large out-of-province work crew, especially in the oilsands. They pay into the CPP while working in Alberta, however, they don’t retire here. They go back to their home province and collect CPP there, when they retire. There is no federal bias against Alberta. The CPP is a fair way to set up a country-wide pension plan.

 It is time for common sense to kick in and this ridiculous campaign to stop.

 For some reason, this government seems to think we need to be brow-beaten into supporting their plan. Witness the ‘blackout’ ads that don’t mention their halt on renewable electricity projects. That alone has lost billions of dollars in investments and also lost time. 

I can’t even play solitaire on the computer without an ad saying “no one wants a blackout when it is -30C.” Give me a break from this harassment.

 The UCP government also wants to set up rules for the final cleanup of renewable energy sites, even though, “renewable” means they can continue to produce, unlike oil wells. It would make more sense to force the oil and gas industry to cleanup the multitude of abandoned sites, which pose hazards to people and the environment.

Listen to the people and let common sense prevail.

 Frances Schultz


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John P Nightingale

Count me in as one of the “ovines”.

Kal Itea

and Danielle in a gig with Tucker Carlson (Putin friend)


“…the smartest ones in the room” apply critical analysis and rely on credible sources. If Joanne Nova is to be considered a credible source, begs the question as to who stands in the room as the sheep with the loudest voice?


Last edited 7 months ago by IMO

The manufacturing of consent is expensive business.

Hopefully the Herald will benefit from a little uptick in revenue.

Fedup Conservative

I was just on a cruise ship from Vancouver to San Diego and back. It was filled with mainly Canadians from B.C.and you can bet they we’re talking about how stupid Albertans are for electing Smith and I certainly agreed. Just like Ralph Klein she is attacking seniors who were dumb enough to supper her, believing every lie these reformers have fed them and refused to listen to those of us conservatives who tried to warn them. We know we are going to need a lot more food banks and we can’t afford them. They have likely put their families in financial ruin.

Fedup Conservative

At coffee this morning we were talking about the guy last summer that we invited to sit and have coffee with us. We were talking about how some of us had come down with Covid after having our four shots. He stated “That’s the point isn’t it. If you can still get Covid after having the shots. What’s the point of getting them”. I said to answer your stupid question we are still alive and the fools who didn’t are dead, so why wouldn’t you get the shots. It really proves how stupid many of these seniors are. A retired doctor said he has had a go-round with some of these fools also and to have Danielle Smith comparing seniors who got vaccinated to Nazis hasn’t helped the situation. Sadly the majority of people who are still dying from it are fools who took her advise and didn’t get vaccinated. .