February 21st, 2024

Who is the real terrorist when it comes to the Canada Pension Plan?

By Lethbridge Herald on November 15, 2023.


It has been a long time since my last letter, but I am tired of reading nonsense comments. Somebody wrote about the UCP taking a most democratic approach. It made me laugh. When we do not understand a concept, is better to keep our fingers quiet. Rich countries are democratic when they can do whatever they want with poor populations, but when someone starts to express opposing thoughts, is labelled as a terrorist and anti-democratic. Now, who is the one who ignores comments about high prices? 

Who is the one who is trying to still our pension to give it to the rich so they can use it for their own purposes? Answer with real arguments, please.

Pedro Roberto Hernandez


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John P Nightingale

No “real arguments”, because I do not understand the question.


What I discern from this rant is he has bought the Notley line of Smith is stealing his pension and he prefers no referendum should there be one. Before everyone blows me up I am waiting for tonight’s input from the NDP, heard last nights input from the CPPIB, and will wait for the UCP to obtain the actual numbers promised by the Federal Government and will go from there. At this point in the undecided camp. I can do better than screaming that by pension is being stolen.
Only thing I can come up with is that the writer has a mixed up concept of democracy. A referendum is exactly that.

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Who wrote this by line. Someone at the Herald??????

Fedup Conservative

My friends and I are all in our 80s and 90s and know that we have received far more from our Canada Pension Plan than we ever put into it so why would we want to change that? The fact that 40 million people can provide a lot more than 4 million can has made it possible for them to do so? What would stop Smith, if she got her hands on it, from cutting those of us off who are in this position? We know she could never afford not to, don’t you?
These lame- brain seniors who are more than willing to let her had better wake up or they maybe in for a huge surprise. Of course intelligent thinking is something they aren’t capable of doing.


Alberta has been rich so long it has forgotten the CPP was started because older workers did not earn enough for a safe retirement, and were not easily hired because of their age. Alberta assumes it will always be rich, but there are still people in Alberta not earning the kind of money that allows one to build a retirement fund and CPP is so important to them.The better off Albertans can start collecting CPP at age 60 and use it to have fun or beef up their personal retirement fund. The rest of Albertans can stop worrying about this.

old school

I still say that if Ottawa and Ontario are opposed , UCP plan has to be good for us. The east is not in favour of losing all our contributions to them!


You do know that all the people contributing will retire one day, don’t you?