February 22nd, 2024

Health changes a big mistake

By Lethbridge Herald on November 22, 2023.


Re: Health care reorganization in Alberta:

It’s called throwing the baby out with the bath: AHS already has a zone structure and Primary Care Network (PCN) boards across Alberta to allow for local decision making.

 It has taken awhile but there has been much local stakeholder input and communication taking place, allowed to flourish when there was one Minister of Health when the NDP government was in power.

Changes in health ministers always impacts health care delivery, even while operating at supposed arms-length. 

Thus, the plan to have the Minister of Health directly oversee health delivery and remove the arms-length operation for health care delivery is particularly a recipe for disaster.

Barb Goertzen 


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Apparently the current status quo works so well that some like yourself don’t see the necessity of any streamlining or changes. Run for office, stay the same. (Sarc)

old school

Been to a hospital lately? AHS lost its focus. When it sent out goon squads to persecute scamdemic rule breakers it became obvious.

John P Nightingale

Your “scamdemic” reference says it all and negates anything useful you might have to say. Manning would just so love you and your ilk!


“scamdemic”…these freakin’ clowns….sigh.


who needs doctors when we have nurses and pharmacists, it seems, is the new way forward. if nothing else, it will make it easier to get “meds” borne of nasty animal torture from the sicko pharm lab practices that we seem happy to accept as decent and normal behaviour. not saying we should not have medicines; rather, we have no right to torture sentient creatures for any reason. that is a large part of what makes us an onging low life species, and a pervasive pox upon the planet.

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Ben Matlock

Writing in the Globe and Mail on November 20, Kelly Cryderman summed up Manning’s report this way: “Last week, former Reform Party leader Preston Manning delivered what Danielle Smith wanted.” A truer statement has seldom been made. As soon as Manning was named to front the process, we all knew what the conclusion would be. Still, for purposes of performative transparency Manning’s committee had to go through an expensive charade that can best be described as a participatory gesture.