July 20th, 2024

Albertans need to be careful who they elect to lead them

By Lethbridge Herald on November 25, 2023.


So, it seems that our radio-talk-show-hostess Premier has publicly admitted that her proposal to quit the Canada Pension Plan was intended to start a national conversation on her province’s grievances! 

She also claims that the “federal government continues to …disadvantage us in so many ways and are now actively trying to destroy our (energy) industry.”

 Well, what else could one expect from a radio talk show hostess? Isn’t that what such a talk show is all about? If there were no controversy, there would be no talk show! 

 I also wonder who or what Lifeworks is, which has given her the “facts” and figures that she espouses. 

There does not appear to be a physical address, nor a name for its leader, nor a phone number one might use to verify that such an organization even exists! (And by the way, other economists, especially those with the CPP give different figures.)

 She has commissioned Preston Manning to give her the information she wants, and no doubt Jim Dinning will also give her the information she wants. After all they were given substantial monetary benefits to do her bidding. (H-m-m-m. Does this sound like a bribe?)

To top up all of this, she says that we will have a referendum on the APP proposal; but it will not be binding! Why have a referendum? 

Then there is the move to make the politicians responsible for such things as health matters. Do they really know anything about medicine?

 I would expect that a doctor would be in a better position to make a decision about my health than an elected official! Oh, wait a minute, I don’t have a doctor! Maybe my only recourse is to go to the Legislative Assembly!

My final words are to the Alberta citizens: Be careful of whom you vote for when the time comes. 

I, for one, have been a card-holding Conservative in the past, but I’m seriously considering whether I am comfortable with a talk show hostess to lead our government. Or is Dave Parker, leader of Take Back Alberta somehow involved?

E. E. Balay


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Southern Albertan

Agreed….so now, it’s being said that there are the “Donald Trumps” of Argentina and The Netherlands. We’ve had the “Donald Trumps” of Alberta for a while now, i.e. Smith and Parker. Many of us knew, that if the Smith UCP/TBA won the election, that ‘things would be bad, really bad.’ It could be expected that ‘things’ in Alberta will get worse before they get better.


Thank you for being open minded about this current premier of this province. TBA and Parker have bragged that they have keep Smith on a short leash and I can almost guarantee they watch her like a hawk. This does nothing to solve the provinces most important issues that we face today. ‘Blowing up the system’, although sounds like fun only promotes insecurity in the citizenry and in the investment climate in our province. We need maturity and statesmanship in this province and the bunch we have in the UCP is lacking in all those qualities. We as a province, have become the laughing stock of the country and its so sad to see.

lethbridge local

To those complaining what province had the highest number of people moving here from other provinces? What province has the lowest cost of living? What province has one of the highest pay for doctors? What province actually brought down opioid deaths? You can thank the conservatives for this. While the NDP and liberals do nothing but blow our funds with almost no return on investment. Funny how people are scared of us keeping billions in cpp for ourselves rather than give it to the rest of the country that couldn’t care less about our well being or economy.

Kal Itea

lethbridge local take off the blinders and see the light. UCP taking us down the road to perdition.


Kal is Perdition located in BC? -that socialist paradise you and your ilk seem to wish replicated in this province? If so, please pack up and hit the road….tbe NDP are finished here, we had 4 yrs of their ruinous policies and deceit…never again, your NIrvana does not and never will exist in Aberta .

Kal Itea

JustObserving You are talking crap. Did I ever declare myself a socialist? (or a communist?).
You are talking Hitler-talk, blaming communists and socialists. Your great leaders use this same sh++t to excite the ignorant voter.


indeed – let us declare alberta for what the still too many stand for: thyself.


you are too simple


i have no faith in any political party out there at any level in our nation; i have seen ’em all through a good many decades. and, yet, i am also all the more grossed out by those that blame “socialism” and “socialists” for whatever goes wrong, while ever giving a free pass to the greed-monger sleaze scammers of all political stripes that rip us off with routine glibness.
what i see is those that throw around the “social” terms as s-bombs are most concerned about their own, their own greed, their own stuff, their sense of preeminence in all things…it is not so much the term “socialism” they fear – it is the idea of sharing itself that most reviles that unevolved sort.

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