July 18th, 2024

UCP policy is all about money and the economy

By Lethbridge Herald on November 25, 2023.


Taylorism is the plastic wrap of our century. Scientific management, so beloved by Conservatives of all stripes, from Preston Manning, Harper and Kenney; to the Obergs, Denings and Horners of the UCP. Some see elements of Ayn Rand’s economic rationalism, followed by Mrs. Thatcher and Mr. Reagan and the University of Chicago spin-off, University of Calgary.

 People following these disorganized leaders do not understand why nothing is working.

 The UCP policy is up and down. They may be entertaining, but in the end it’s all about the money, and the “economy.” 

University of Calgary economists and public policy people illustrate John Ralston Saul’s analysis in Voltaire’s Bastards: the unimaginative bureaucrats. 

They feel their ideology will work, must work; and they will work it until it does. Our economic masters have abandoned all humanity in attempts to save the Economy with international legalese so complicated that no one understands trade a

ny more.

 So, they have reduced it all to capital initials – as if these give it meaning. In the meantime, statism and regionalism sprout like persistent weeds. 

The new merry-go-round of ministers would sell our souls to a cheap labour deal if it had the right initials. 

Why the Alberta voters refuse to keep track of the scientific management failures is a study in the promotion of fear. Fear of taxes. Fear to keep the public off balance. Then in march the systems men, the Jesuits who believe the Pope is infallible; John Raulston Saul called them the “elites which serve neither our needs nor our desires” – Voltaire’s children.

Don Ryane


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Southern Albertan

Amen….so it seems that we, the taxpayers, get to pay for a Sovereignty Act go-around for a few years too. This stuff just cannot be made up.

This Red Neck Has No Neck

I’m wondering how many in the gaggle of the argumentatively challenged boo birds you lost from the get-go with your reference to Fredrick Taylor?

Fedup Conservative

All mouth and no brains my friends would say.

Fedup Conservative

The retired doctors, nurses, teachers, and oilmen all state the same thing Lougheed’s policies should have been followed and never have been destroyed. Yet here we have Reformer Danielle Smith rewarding the very people we know helped in the Destruction Jim Dinning and Dr. Lyle O’Berg. Where is the intelligence in that? Although there are 700,000 people in Alberta without a family doctor we are told you can bet that will increase and we learned yesterday another of our friends lost his.
Maybe those of you who were so keen on electing Smith may need to find a doctor and we may need to also. Thanks but no thanks.