July 18th, 2024

Wood-burners need to use their stoves properly to prevent energy loss

By Lethbridge Herald on December 2, 2023.


Do you remember Trudeau saying that the carbon tax would be revenue-neutral? Gullible citizens believed they would get more than they paid into the scam. 

Then Trudeau pulled the bait-and-switch just like he did when you were told to register your duck-hunting shotguns and hunting rifles. Wise people saw through that scam and did not register because they knew confiscation of those arms was Trudeau’s aim.

Now that the quadrupling of carbon taxes is on the table, many folks are forced to heat with high-emission wood-burning stoves. 

 Our First Nations people knew from thousands of years of experience to build small bright fires so as not to be choked out of their animal skin tipis.

However, many wood-burning citizens do not know how to do this but instead, they overload their airtight stoves and choke off the incoming air.

The result is that much heat energy is lost as thick, choking, asthma-inducing pollution.  The only reason Trudeau is not putting a carbon tax on wood-burning users is that there is no incoming gas metering or home-delivered, home-heating oil type of fuel measuring method to calculate the despised carbon tax.

I have no quibble with any Canadian attempting to avoid the crippling tax.  However, wood users need to properly manage small bright fires instead of the neighbourhood-choking, smoky fires.

Wayne Hawthorne

Picture Butte

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Fedup Conservative

Once more we see Albertans believing the lies that these Reformers feed them and the true conservatives in my world have seen about enough with lawyers suggesting we start inviting them into court to try to prove that the lies they are believing are true. It can’t be done lawyers tell us. Our concern is the mess they are allowing these Reformers to create for our children and grandchildren’s future, can you blame us?

In true Reform party fashion Trudeau gets blamed for a gun registration that occurred in 1993 so he had nothing to do with it. Police officers supported the idea and knew the government had no intention of confiscating hunting guns and those of us who hunt knew also we weren’t concerned. Yet after wasting billions of dollars setting it up Stephen Harper destroyed it and we were furious with him for doing it. Police officers, have indicated that with all the gun violence in Alberta, they wish it was still in place. Tracking guns would have been easier.

Police officer friends and family members have praised Trudeau for wanting to avoid the type of gun violence we are seeing in the U.S. by confiscating Assault rifles capable of shooting many people in a matter of seconds and making restrictions on handguns a lot more effective. When they can’t be used for hunting, what’s wrong with that?

Yet once again these Reformers, following the lead of their American Republican counterparts who have constantly used their Right to Bare Arms stupidly with thousands of Americans killed each year have convinced ignorant Albertans to believe the lie that Trudeau is going to confiscate all their guns and obviously Wayne Hawthorne has bought into these lies that police officers find very disturbing. They just that lies.

With gun violence in Alberta and other parts of Canada completely out of control making it harder to recruit police officers, why wouldn’t you want better protection for the people, but that’s not what the Reformers want. They were the ones who praised the criminal Convoy Truckers and didn’t care that assault rifles and ammunition was being stockpiled in southern Alberta to kill police officers didn’t they. They completely ignored what the horrific financial mess that was created in Ottawa and proved that there is nothing conservative about them.
It was exactly what you could expect from their American Republican friends isn’t it?


where there is smoke, there is govt setting up multiple deflections so as to keep us off the real trail: the pilfering of the public purse to the benefit of the big corp, oligarch, and party cronies.
btw – just because “that is the way it has always been” does not make it acceptable or inevitable. stop supporting the scam with your vote that serves only to legitimise the corruption.

Fedup Conservative

Just to prove how stupid these Reform Party supporters are?
The Reformers fed these fools the lie that Notley and Trudeau created the Carbon Tax to steal their money when it was created in 2007 by the Ed Stelmach conservative government.
It was implemented in B.C. In 2008 and the Simon Fraser University reported a few years later:
“ The Shocking truth about the B.C. Carbon Tax : It works”

They convinced these fools that Notley destroyed our coal fired power production, yet it was the Stephen Harper conservative government that did it.

Smith has constantly whined about Ottawa stealing all our money yet facts prove it’s a lie
“ Alberta Received more funds from feds than from revenue for first time in decades”
“Alberta got more federal COVID support per capita than people in other province”

The point is if these ignorant seniors don’t stop and look at the true facts and continue to hurl their sarcastic comments at those of us who aren’t as dumb as them they had better start trying to figure out how they can prove these lies they have been believing are true because lawyers state they are going to look really stupid in court. Alberta true conservatives have had about enough of their stupidity, can you blame them?

Fedup Conservative

Smith decided to fill the pockets of Jim Dinning and Lyle Oberg two Reformers in the Klein government we credited with slashing taxes and royalties, and dumping a orphan well cleanup mess in our laps. Along with closing hospitals, closing hospital beds and cutting 5,000 nursing positions and putting this province in financial ruin. She expects Dinning to steal our Canada Pension Plan and O’Berg to destroy more of our healthcare system you can bet, can’t you?


you are on the mark, fed up. today’s maladapted cons govts are a scary caricature of what they once were. they stand out with tactics geared toward fomenting separation, hate and fear, divisiveness. and, they are as corrupt and sleazy as are the other options. we could all try one or two elections where we draw an X through the entire ballot…so as to say we have had enough, and we are not going to legitmise the graft any longer.

Fedup Conservative

We just got home from a seniors Christmas Party. There were 59 of us at it and the talk around the tables was how disgusted everyone was with Danielle Smith and her ignorant supporters. We all feel the lawyers are right they should be made to pay for the mess Smith is creating for our children’s future seeing as how they refused to help us make certain she didn’t get elected, what do you think?


it would be great to be able to charge smith – any politician – for poor/detrimental governance. moreover, smith should be ensuring the oil/gas cos that have made a sordid mess of our lands and waters, leaving us orphan wells and massive toxic lakes (tailings ponds), should be held accountable and forced to pay.

Fedup Conservative

The fact that she deliberately stopped the expansion of green energy in Alberta when it’s the future of the world , destroying 24,000 jobs in the process and eliminating a $33 billion investment for Albertans just so she could Grandstand against Trudeau, has got a lot of Albertans furious. While oil executives stated that with the help of green energy the Ottawa targets could be met, so this is what she has done to make certain that can’t happen. I think she is in a lot of trouble and I think many of her own supporters won’t stand for it. I hope I’m right.