July 20th, 2024

Using weapons isn’t the proper way of settling differences of opinions

By Lethbridge Herald on December 6, 2023.


I am a legal gun owner and I’m absolutely appalled at the recent gun crimes that are being shown on TV  that are happening in our country. It seems to me that right now people who are at odds with others think that guns are the answer! 

Nothing is further from the truth. Guns are not the answer to settle disputes, or differences in race or religion or gender! Sitting down and talking to settle differences of opinions and religious differences – that is the answer to these problems!  If you kill someone all you have is a dead person and probably the same problems with others – you’re not teaching anyone a lesson. 

Talk and settle the problems and thus teach everyone that there is a peaceful way.

History shows that after every war in recent times that the combatants found a way to communicate after the war.  I urge all who think that killing somebody will settle their problems to think again and talk instead of killing.

What is fought over now will in the future seem to be foolish to the generations that follow us. 

Remembrance Day is remembering the people who died so we could have our differences of opinions to be talked about rather than just shooting somebody. 

With that in mind, talk first – you may find you are more alike with other people than you thought. 

Dale. E. Finley 


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