July 20th, 2024

Canada Pension plan isn’t the Alberta government’s money

By Lethbridge Herald on December 26, 2023.


The Canada Pension Plan is not Alberta or federal government money. It is a fund that individuals contributed to during their working lives, and when retired, they receive monthly payments based on their contributions.

Not every person contributes to it so not every person receives CPP after retirement. Only those who put their earnings in have any right to decide if they want something different than the CPP.

If the Alberta government wants an Alberta Pension Plan, they are able to start one at any time and set up ways people can contribute to it.

They do not have the right to “take Alberta’s share of the CPP.” The province does not have a share. Only those who contributed have a share.

The general population can have a referendum about Alberta starting up its own pension plan but it is not about taking CPP money. Stop spreading misinformation.

We do not need an ad campaign about an untruth. 

The $7.5 million could build at least 75 tiny houses to provide 75 Alberta families with homes.

Karen J. Collin


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Indeed! The money spent by this government on propaganda and lies is disgusting.




Brilliant Karen. A succinct and accurate breakdown of the key elements of Danielle Smith’s planned plunder of Canadian citizens’ personal pension funds. Also dead-on regarding the legitimate manner any considerations of an Alberta Pension should be managed.

The waste of taxpayer money Smith and her UCP government have spent on the advertising and corrupt consultation efforts for this heist would have had her base out on our streets blaring their horns and impeding traffic had it been instigated by the NDP or any other political party.


Speaking of plunder

The Dude

And so sayeth the Grand Master of the non sequitur.

Ben Matlock

To extend your excellent and salient point, Mr. Buckwheat could give a short course in “Whataboutisms.”

Fedup Conservative

Of course you aren’t smart enough to understand that there is no way Notley increased taxes 97 times in only four years, but then it proves what a fool you are to believe it, right? She increased corporate taxes by 2 % and your pal Kenney cut them by 4% creating the loss of billions of dollars that could have been used to reduce the cost of tax increases at the municipal government levels. I wonder why our senior conservative friends talk about what idiots you fools are?