July 21st, 2024

Conservative politicians don’t serve people

By Lethbridge Herald on December 30, 2023.


Listen if you want to Pierre Poilievre’s tirades for entertainment. Remember he was part of Harper’s hidden agenda. 

This flag waver of the right wing did not have solutions for Canada then and he does not now. 

In 2006 they rolled into Ottawa when Canada had a 10-year $13 billion annual surplus and Harper left us a $58 billion debt. So much for their claim to better financial know-how. 

They are subsidizers for the rich. The neo-conservatives have one answer to every problem: less government, less taxes. Cutting government services according to the theory of less is more. 

Russ Hiebert and Pierre Poilievre used the Income Tax Act to attack unions on the simplistic concept organized labour – bad, corporate organized shareholders – good. Poilievre introduced the “Fair Elections Act” which was anything but fair. 160 academics criticized it as undermining democracy. Even Preston Manning said it weakened Elections Canada. 

Four officials of their PC party and two appointed senators were charged with Elections Act financial violations. The Speaker of the House, Andrew Scheer, refused to suspend them. 

Mr. Harper was first to promote the privatizing of health care, and withdrawal of Alberta from the CCP. Harper and Menzies announced increases to the age of eligibility for the Old Age Security program. 

But Pierre Poilievre is entertaining. Danielle Smith is a follower of Hayek’s economic theories. She studied at the Fraser institute, and the University of Calgary where the “market” is more important than social programs. 

Another student of Hayek’s theories was Ms. Thatcher. 

She did her best while in power to shred British social programs as Ms. Smith intends to do for Alberta. These politicians serve money markets, they do not serve humans.

 Don Ryane


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And your solution to the lib/ndp fiasco is?

nofords 3

Exactly tly and the CPP funds need protected from Notely and Justin and his lap puppy as its not a slush fund to be spent like a drunken sailor on a mission.

Fedup Conservative

In the real world if these ignorant Albertans where smart enough they would know that Notley and Trudeau have no connection to the CPP and Danielle Smith is treating them like morons and they are letting her do it. All conservatives across Canada are calling her plan to steal their Canada Pension Plan a really stupid idea, yet here they are with their idiotic comments supporting Smith, want to bet they are ignorant seniors?


Seems you are confused between surplus, deficit and debt. This country hasn’t been 58 billion in debt since Diefenbaker. And are those Selma Hayek’s (Sarc) economics Smith is following? We need a little more clarity and a lot less rant. Oh, yeh, in case you missed it, social programs exist due to the market. Otherwise, borrowing is a necessity and then once you shut down the markets, borrow for social programs, you have a built in, life long rant. Need to buff up on what markets produce, aka a thriving sustainable economy which provide those social programs that appear dear to your heart.

Fedup Conservative

Well buckwheat if you had any intelligence and at all and were smart enough to do any research on the subject you would understand why Canadians kicked the Harper Reform Party out. While you blindly support the name conservative you let these Reformers hiding behind the name treat you like a moron, and put this country in financial ruin and you are too dumb to understand it. It’s why so many Albertans are sick and tire of your stupid comments and don’t support your stupidity or haven’t you noticed?
The truth is Stephen Harper took a $14 billion surplus he inherited from Liberals Paul Martin and turned it into a $150 billion debt by looking after the rich by slashing taxes and GST, just like your liberal hero Ralph Klein did to Albertans by slashing taxes and royalties, and dumped an Orphan Well cleanup mess in our laps, to benefit the rich, making it impossible to fund our healthcare and education systems properly so he dumped privatization in our laps resulting in our power industry screwing Albertans out of tens of billions of dollars, yet you don’t care, right? Now you have elected these lunatics as Jason Kenney called them take over making the situation even worse. To show she doesn’t give a damn about who they hurt she is suggesting that she privatize our Public long term healthcare system putting many seniors in financial ruin. When our family needed a bed the Public system had a waiting list of over 1,800 people so we were forced to accept a private one at a cost of $10,600. Per month. How many of these Smith supporters are going to be able to afford that?

Southern Albertan

And the real Pierre Poilievre? Read on for the explanation…..
“Speaking the fascist’s language: Pierre Poilievre’s perfidious rhetorical appeal for working class votes. Poilievre in a long right-wing tradition of intentionally appealing to the masses while actively working against them.”

Last edited 6 months ago by Southern Albertan

Typically Canadian. He must be the front runner so we must take him down. Lol. Did the same with Gretzky.

Southern Albertan

It’s Poilievre’s lead to lose all on his own by his own action and words.
Only time will tell if he maintains the lead for another 18 months, or whatever. Certainly many of us can see through him, and it is thought that he might not be able to hang on.

Fedup Conservative

Every conservative I know wants to see Trudeau defeated but they won’t support this phoney conservative Reformer Pierre Poilievre. They saw what he helped Harper do to this country. Of course Brian Jean and Jason Kenney were right there helping them spread their lies about the Income Trust Investment costing taxpayers $31 billion and then they tried to destroy our Public Health Care System by slashing payments to the provinces to create an American Style Health Care System, just like Danielle Smith wants to do. It got them kicked out and Trudeau elected.

Fedup Conservative

Great comments Don like all Reformers Pierre Poilievre has no intelligent solutions to any problems it’s always about blaming it on someone else, it’s all they know. The conservative MLAs that I knew pointed out that they were the worse enemy the people or the conservative governments could have, after all they destroyed everything the Lougheed and Getty governments created for the good of the people and Poilievre has already promised to destroy the CBC and 7,900 jobs which was created by a conservative government to create jobs and provide an outlet for remote areas of Canada. In addition he insulates our oil executives and claims that he will destroy the Carbon Tax created for the good of the planet by another conservative government in Alberta under Ed Stelmach in 2007. The oil executives wanted it implemented because they know that it works and would show the world that we do care about Global Warming and are trying to do something about it, to help them sell their products.


Well Mr Ryane, Your tirade against the conservatives rings a little hollow when compared with the fiscal insanity of Trudeau , father and son, who both tripled the national debt during their political careers, although junior is not quite there yet but trying hard. As for Hayek’s economic theories, no reason to trash these, since they have never been truly tested as yet. On the other hand keynesian economics, at least the version currently in use around the world seem to be in terminal failure.

Fedup Conservative

Just another ignorant senior who isn’t smart enough to understand that there is nothing conservative about these Reformers he is blindly supporting and unfortunately Alberta is full of them. Why do you think so many Alberta conservatives voted NDP in the last election and why haven’t you figured out what these Reformers starting with Liberal Ralph Klein have done to this province and Smith is making it worse?