July 20th, 2024

Suggestions for city council to address in the coming year

By Lethbridge Herald on December 30, 2023.


From the Grinch that Stole Christmas, some New Year’s resolutions for 2024 for city council:

Gain control of the rudderless ship that the Exhibition has become and steer a course that puts money back into the taxpayers’ pockets rather than continuously taking.

Use the new Exhibition building for all your retreats and those of your administration.

Take in a city council meeting in Medicine Hat and learn how they have the lowest tax base per capita in the province.

Attend a Townof Nobleford council meeting to learn how they have managed not to raise their tax base for the last five years. Be relentless in tackling the homelessness problem and the crime that goes with it and clean up the city so that citizens don’t feel like they are being held hostage. Make sure that the police budget is a priority item and doesn’t get cut again as the old council did so that we don’t have a reputation for being a crime capital in Canada.

Remember that the money you are spending belongs to your fellow citizens and they don’t appreciate it when you waste it.

Stan Adamus


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Citi Zen

Start with fixing the potholes and sunken manhole covers. Worst city on Canada for streets maintenance.

The Dude

Inferring from your comment, I’d say you’ve never driven in such cities as Hamilton, Montréal, Québec City or Saint John’s.


Yes, Stan this City Council should have gone to Medicine Hat and got a education on how to run a Waste Management. Their council did a proper analysis on curbside recycling and organic program found them too expensive contracted them out sold their MRF. Our GM Waste& Recycling decided on Waste& Recycle run $33 million programs as his choice. We wonder why Medicine Hat, Red Deer, and Airdre contract out their recycle and organic programs
In Airdre ( 90,000 population) the waste is hauled to Calgary.
In this City the Environment Strategy controls in Medicine hat, Red Deer the Environment groups do not control policy they are arms length and get no city funding, Calgary and Edmonton the greens do not set policy, this must change here $33million is a kick in the butt. to educate us, would the citizens here agree?


I agree, snowman. Just think of the money we could save if we went back to hurling our garbage into the coulees – a natural landfill by my reckoning.


Sarcastic aren’t we. We could just contract it out like other cities and municipalities. This City runs nothing well. A point of idiocy was taking over Chinook Tourist stop and moving it downtown. Couldn’t have been a dumber move. Same with airport. County laughing.