July 14th, 2024

Permanent indoor market would make good use of the hub

By Lethbridge Herald on January 6, 2024.


The Exhibition fiasco is front and centre as the city’s latest money pit. Not only does the new facility sit vacant on most days but the question on what to do with the other buildings is up in the air.

 Here’s a thought: why not turn one of the old buildings into a permanent indoor market? 

If the city isn’t aware of what that is, perhaps a search on Google or a small trip to Calgary would suffice. A market selling meat, vegetables, baked goods etc all sourced by southern Alberta farms and businesses.

For example, if you were to take the north pavilion and grid out stalls of various sizes to be leased out to vendors with shared power and heating, vendors would construct their own stalls to meet the needs of the products being sold.  As long as the leasing rates are reasonable for vendors to be profitable it could be a long-term solution for filling one building on a long term basis. With the current grocery prices rising and no end in sight, I would rather support local and cut out the giants along with getting a better product.

 What I find more amusing is that it’s called the Agri-Food Hub and Trade Centre and there’s not a sniff of anything happening of what’s in that name.

 It’s time for someone to start using some common sense and start thinking progressively instead of throwing money at a sunk cost.

Scott Harvey


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Hear! Hear!

dee j

Yes please!


Only one problem, the old buildings are sitting on the land that is needed for the parking for the new building, if perhaps they can solve the parking issue and spare one building than maybe. or turn the one building that is staying of the 3 for that purpose would be great. but the 2 building need to come down so as there is adequate parking for events and Whoop up days. But it is a great idea to have there.