July 20th, 2024

Al Beeber’s had a profound impact on Herald readers

By Lethbridge Herald on January 10, 2024.


In less than a year, Managing Editor Al Beeber will be retiring from the Lethbridge Herald. A decision likely well thought out but deserving. 

Al lived and breathed newspaper from his roots in Raymond to the present. His factual reporting was at times controversial but accurate.

 And when he accepted the duties of editor his ingrained work ethic, journalist abilities and experience saved our vitally important daily newspaper that has been a mainstay in Lethbridge for decades from the sad fate that has befallen dozens of other such papers. 

And when Al started to write his weekly column, he was appreciated by the Herald regular readers and attracted new readers. 

Writing on all aspects of our daily lives, Al‘s impact on readers was profound. Al gave us an insight to his personal writing about his upbringing, his friends, his family, his favourite truck and of course his pet dog. His weekly column is a must read.

Here’s wishing Al the best of luck as he ventures into a new chapter of his life. Fulfilling his dreams travelling to visit old and new friends, fishing the holes he missed along with his GMC truck and his pet dogs.

And who knows, Al might have some extra time on his hands if he gets bored with retirement to continue at some capacity whether it be part time or contractual to continue his well received work at the Herald.

Stan Adamus


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