July 17th, 2024

Editorial cartoon about Israel and Trump was offensive

By Lethbridge Herald on January 19, 2024.


I found the political cartoon, and the Letter to the Editor in  last wWednesday’s paper very offensive. 

In the cartoon “The Top 5 Worst New Years Resolutions” : Annihilate Gaza – Benjamin Netanyanyahu & Annihilate Democracy – Donald Trump. 

Your cartoonist and Mr. Feenstra are swallowing the Koolaid of the left wing media.

In truth after the terrible attack by Hamas who commited terrible and evil atrocities against the Israeli people and have said they will do it again and go about hiding themselves and their weapons near or under school and hospitals and near civilian shields, who can fault the Israelies from protecting themselves from all the enemies that surround them?

War is war and things get broken. Israel  did not start this war and have had to put up with missile strikes for years.

There are those who deny the holocaust of the Jews during the Second World War and would allow the same thing to happen today – shame to such ignorant  people!

In regards to “ Annihilate Democracy – Donald Trump” how ignorant do you have to be? Joe Biden is the one, and those that prop him up from the left that are trying every which way to take the freedoms away from the people not Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is trying to re-establish the freedoms as established by the founding fathers and clean up the swamp in Washington. 

He isn’t a perfect person, but he tries to live up to the promises he makes which is admirable in this day!

John Kennedy was a president that many admire but he was known to have a multitude of sexual encounters while being married to Jackie and even when he was in the Whitehouse – remember Marilyn Monroe?

I can only think of a few presidents who were faithful to their wives. As far as we know Jimmy Carter was faithful to Rosaland, but he was a lousy president. Ronald Reagan loved Nancy and was also a great president.  I’m afraid the two don’t always go together. FDR was a great  president but he had a mistress on the side. Our Prime Minister certainly has his faults – for instance his autocratic governace, etc.

As I say who’s Koolaid are you swallowing – what you hear from the liberal media, The View, or what you see on TV and the mainstream broadcasts? Wake up and be informed. Listen to both sides of the matter or go down the tubes with the woke society. 

Who will be the leader of the “free world” in the future – China? 

This next election will make or break the U.S. Let the people decide.  They are adults. Which party is trying to take that right away from the people?

 I believe it is the democratic left.

Jim Osmer


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old school

Well said! Joe and Hunter Biden are what democrats are about. Selve serving. Bill Clinton and Einstein, another example.


WOW. How ignorant. How many charges does Joe biden have against him vs Trump’s 91 charges. That’s right, NONE!
Trump is the very definition of self serving. The Dems are anything but. Go educate your self to the reality of the world and stop wathcing FOX News.

old school

91 charges against Trump is democrats low level strategy to attack him. They are philosophically opposed to a non- socialist leader and will do anything to get rid of him. The elite want to be more elite. You will own nothing and be happy.


So Trump is innocent? Lol. Guess when he said he is enough times it makes it so right?


you think jesus would cast a vote for the likes of trump? you bet – jesus, that lover of greed, self service, ego, lies…all the grand things that unbridled capitalism worships. if i recall correctly, i believe jesus also had a thing or two to say about hypocrites.

John P Nightingale

Condemnation of Israel does not mean holocaust denial. That said, incursions of and expansion of Jewish settlements in the West Bank, severe restrictions on movement within and outside of Gaza, provocations around Temple Mount and Islamic holy sites, far right Ultra Orthodox resolutions decrying Arabs including less fundamentalist Jews, contribute to Palestinian discontent.
Yes, Hamas is a terrorist group and must be held accountable under international law for their atrocities, but pounding a largely defenceless and innocent population by an invader intent of revenge at all costs, is unjustified and rightly condemned. 25,000 dead, mostly non – combatants justifying Netenyahu’s right wing Zionist coalition’s rhetoric, calling for Palestinian annihilation, yet doing nothing other than fuelling the malcontent and death even further.
How this will end is anyones guess, perhaps ending peacefully as with the Good Friday peace accords in Ireland, but with Hamas ideology on one side and Zionist Ultra Orthodox views prevailing on the other, I think not.
A “Two State” solution is possible, but both sides must cease their respective rhetoric and actions.
As for Mr Trump. So it is “ignorant” to be critical of this pompous, nitwit? Count me one of the great unwashed.

Last edited 5 months ago by John P Nightingale

Well they have been yapping two state solution for years. Remember the great peace accord, Yasar Arafat, Clinton and Begin. Almost 30 years ago. If Hamas wanted a two state solution they would have taken the billions invested in them over the years, to develop a country, you know a democratic government, developed an economy, and not elected terrorists whose only purpose is to eliminate Jews. Not only as self described one of the great unwashed, include the great naive. Israel is the only democratic country in the region.


democratic for whom? for jews only. the rest are with a much degraded level of existence.

John P Nightingale

So now we have it: Netanyahu has stated plainly that there is no room for a two state existence. The world is turning from predictable and genuine sympathy post October 2023 to one of disgust. The PM has confirmed his belief in a one state solution appeasing those Zionist types in his already extreme coalition. Hamas has stated the same. Who wins? Not the Gaza peoples and the majority of Israelis. Both deserve peace, something now even further from likely.
I do not think it is “naive” to consider both sides in this conflict where the real losers are ordinary residents of both Gaza and Israelis.


could never have a country because the hawk-crimes-against-humanity israeli govts kept stealing away what little land the palestinians were squared into. what is it you fail to acknowledge about human rights and international law? what is it you fail to acknowledge or inform yourself about with regard to the treatment of non-jews, particularly the palestinians, by the israeli govts?


well stated

Fedup Conservative

What Hamas did would be as dumb as if Canada all of a sudden hurled rockets at the U.S. and didn’t expect them to retaliate. You can’t be much dumber than Hamas can you? I never thought I would see my American Republican relatives supporting the Democrates calling Trump the worse liar they have ever seen, but then that’s exactly what we have seen in Alberta isn’t it? Alberta Conservative voting for the NDP trying to stop what these phoney conservatives Reformers are doing to us


Indeed, Mr. Osmer, being informed by listening to both sides of any matter is important.
“The Israeli average viewer doesn’t see Gaza at all. He sees the soldiers. He sees the families of the hostages. He is being told day and night about the Israeli sacrifice. He’s being told day and night how brave are the soldiers. You see it seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and only one thing you don’t see: the suffer of Gaza. And the media decided not to show it, not because anyone pushed the media not to do it. They do it because they know very clear that this is what their viewers don’t want to see, and they want to please them. And by this, they are betraying our first mission: to tell the full story. You know, there are Israelis who wouldn’t care less to see all those terrible images and say, “Hamas is to be blamed. The Arabs are to be blamed. They deserve it. They are barbarian. Everything is fine.” But they have to see what is being done on our behalf. So, that’s the first level.The second level, which is less important but still must be mentioned, is that Israeli media speaks now only in one voice. There is no room for any critic about the war. There is no room for any question marks. I don’t remember a war in which after so many stages, still the entire media is just a pale echo of the propaganda machinery of the army.” ~ Gideon Levy, Haaretz


thank you for sharp and honest entry

Southern Albertan

“After Hamas attack, most Israelis want Netanyahu to resign, according to poll”
“Donald Trump poses the biggest danger to the world in 2024, and, Donald Trump is winning. Business beware.”
This can be read at the “economist.com.” The Economist is not left wing, it is firmly, centrist.


another example of how the hearts and voices of the many get shuttered and hijacked by a relative few of the worst actors. to note: this happens too often most everywhere, and not just in israel.


Lethbridge city hall?


ha! however, let us be thankful that while they oversee ongoing graft and waste, they cannot undermine our human rights.

Ben Matlock

Re your last observation, several years ago an acquaintance of mine called The Economist a left-wing rag. At first I thought it was a case of cognitive impairment, but then I came to realize just how far to the right he was on the political spectrum.


It would be interesting to get Trump’s own opinion on this… unfortunately he is busy in court again.