July 21st, 2024

Inflation caused by greed, not by Canada’s prime minister

By Lethbridge Herald on January 24, 2024.


Mr. Poilievre is a promoter of the secret agendas of a dozen of the Canadian ”think tanks” for Mr. Hayek’s extreme economic theories. 

Many U of C’s so called ”public policy” advocates hold their love of money and business over working people. 

They ignore the ever-growing lineups at food banks. 

Their solution to hungry children in schools; is to send them out training early for minimum wage, to prop up floundering subsidized business. 

My ”rants” are against Mr. Poilievre’s blaming every little thing that he perceives wrong with Canada on Mr. Trudeau. Inflation is not caused by our prime minister’s compassionate help for the laid off, or laid up over COVID. 

It is caused by greedy shareholders, CEOs, and bankers. Oil corporation and food corporation executives insist they have a God-given right to act like Scrooge at every imagined threat to the “international market;” while pleading for ever more subsidy from tax payers. 

My father’s generation of businessmen carried on through tough times without ever expecting or receiving subsidies. People who call themselves businessmen and women today should be ashamed at the heavy and consistent lobby by their associations for taxpayer support. 

If there is criticism about Mr. Trudeau and the liberals, it should be for their inability or unwillingness to tax the rich, who have made their money with the help of working people. 

It is a sign of serious decline in character of CEOs who cannot acknowledge their responsibility to provide a living wage to employees. 

Ripping off customers is bad enough, but business that rips off its own employees is seriously corrupt,

Don Ryane


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Fedup Conservative

Well said Don you have nailed it. While ignorant citizens continue to believe all these lies that these phony conservatives are feeding them nothing will change and more and more will have voted themselves into needing the help from Food Banks or an early grave because of mess they create in our healthcare system.
Poilievre is the most dangerous man in Canada as former Conservative MLAs from the Lougheed era have warned and he had a good teacher Reformer Stephen Harper who took Canada from a $14 billion surplus to a $151 Billion debt by helping the rich. The former Conservative MLAs I knew considered Reformers to be their worse enemy they always destroy what Conservatives have created for the good of the people and that’s exactly what they have done in Alberta starting with Ralph Klein, who Danielle Smith is constantly praising yet members of his own family tried to help our family vote him out.
Harper lied to Canadians about the Income Trust Investments promising not to tax them. Then after getting elected did just that costing Canadians $31 billion, many were our fellow Conservatives including family members, then tried to take $36 billion off the provinces healthcare funding to force us into an American Style Healthcare System and Canadians kicked them out.
Don’t forget Brian Jean, Jim Prentice , Jason Kenney, and Pierre Poilievre were all part of Harpers destructive government and Danielle Smith as leader of the Wildrose party was right there cheering them on.
There is absolutely nothing Conservative about these fools yet ignorant Albertans don’t care what they are doing to our children’s future. The conservatives in my world aren’t fond of Trudeau yet he has saved Alberta with the billions of dollars he has poured into our province and we trust him a lot more than that fool Poilievre and these narrow-minded Albertans had better listen to us.
While he lies about the Carbon Tax he ignores the fact that it was created by Conservatives to help the oil industry show the world that we care about Global Warming and are trying do something about it. Those of us who have done the math knows that the Rebates are putting some funds in our pockets like it was intended to do.
Then there is the fact that Poilievre has promised if elected to destroy the CBC and it’s 7,960 jobs that another Conservative government created and we know that true Conservatives don’t destroy jobs like Danielle Smith has been doing they create them.



old school

Inflation is much worse than it could be or should be because of a disfunctional government. Massive deficits and huge tax increases,and irresponsible spending equals inflation.

Fedup Conservative

That’s the whole problem these phoney conservatives starting with Ralph Klein slashed our royalties and corporate taxes to likely the lowest levels in a world as this points “ Royalties Down 32% Billions in Federal Benefits Lost.” Lougheed was furious with what these Reformers did to us.


its true that if we had the fed cons in, inflation could be reduced a tick, or so, because they will have decided it is better to put a ton of people out work. yes, with fewer people working and able to buy food and pay for housing and being the good consumers we are all bred to be, inflation would be a wee bit less.

Fedup Conservative

With 61% of family doctors stating that they are leaving or retiring early because of the way they have been treated by these Reformers how many more people in Lethbridge will lose their’s? I helped 9 doctors and at least two dozen nurses relocate out of this province when Ralph Klein destroyed their jobs. One doctor said it best “ Why should I stay in Alberta and support my patients when my patients refused to support me from this tyrant Ralph Klein ? The truth is by supporting Daniele Smith you may have put your lives in danger like we saw under Ralph Klein. I knew three of his supporters who couldn’t get medical help when they needed it and lost their lives.


trudeau, and canada, are far too insignificant players on the world stage when it comes to wealth, and thus, inflation. inflation – in case the cons only dummies cannot see past their foolishness – is a worldwide event, not just a canadian one. it has been orchestrated by the real money holders, those that pretty much own the planet, and most govts. our wonderful oligarchs are not stupid where it comes to lining their pockets, even though they are idiots with regard to much else when it comes to the planet and decency. with the massive amounts of wealth they collectively own, they can pretty much influence any currency, any commodity/equity, and any legal govt decision.
first, oil prices went up significantly ( i know, this is great for alberta, but it inspires inflation); then, those heightened energy costs impacted transport prices, manufacture prices, prices of goods, services,…and of course food. mortgages and rents went up because, to counter inflation lol govts cranked up lending rates. that increases housing costs. and that also piled more money into the oligarchy.
(yes, the beauty of fractional banking today allows a certain few to be so privileged so as to be able to have in reserve just 10% of what they loan out. imagine, each of us being allowed to create out of thin air 90% of what one could lend to one another, and earn interest, compounded, no less, on top of creating a magical 90% of new money that we lend to line our pockets.)
all of that is a worldwide issue, not just a trudeau issue. now, we know trudeau has busied himself lining pockets (trans can pipeline purchase and its ongoing outrageous costs; algoma steel; volkswagon; stellantis…just a few of his juicy sleazes), but this is somehow what pretty much all voters have come to accept. every govt we have had in power has been guilty of massive corruption, graft, lies, propaganda, waste, purposeful and neglectful inefficiency. but this happens only because we continue to legitimise it all with our illiterate “x”. we vote out the bums, only to vote back in the bums we previously voted out for being bums, every election (except in alberta where bums are pretty safe when they put on the safety suit called con). but, hey, i am sure the next govt we vote in will be different – after all, that is what they promise us.

John P Nightingale

As with our MP, he (Poilievre) cannot string a sentence together without mentioning the name JT and always in a derogatory way. Both individuals no doubt play into the hands of some Conservatives but I think (I hope), not all. The Libs and of course Trudeau are solely responsible for all that ills this country. The Conservatives meanwhile have exceedingly short memories, or at least convenient partial memory loss whilst the NDP sits on the fence, propping up an increasingly wobbly federal government.

Our parliamentary system is becoming more and more Trump like . There are no honourable leaders in Ottawa and precious few across the provinces and territories. The entire political landscape is one of divisiveness rather than intelligent and rational debate.

Sad and dangerous times.

Fedup Conservative

Because of the huge shortages Klein created in our healthcare system my father died on a gurney in the hallway of the Foothills Hospital in Calgary on Christmas Day in 1997 there were no beds, he had been there for four days and with all the noise from the emergency ward he was unable to get any rest. People in beds next to him crying and screaming in pain. I will never forget it, no one in our family will.
That’s the thanks he got from these damn Reforms after our family had spent countless hours volunteering for the Lougheed and Getty governments and donating around $30,000.to their party over the years and now Daniele Smith calling Klein a hero for what he did to us is doing the same thing, and people wonder why my friends and I are so disgusted with these ignorant seniors who are allowing themselves to be treated like morons and aren’t smart enough to understand it.
The Alberta Medical Association says that more than 900,000 Albertans don’t have a family doctor and with 61% more stating they are leaving thanks to how they’re treated ignorant seniors supporting these fools will likely lose their lives, we certainly saw it under Klein. What my friends and I are so disgusted with is the fact that they are taking us all with them.