July 14th, 2024

Nobody actually believes Canadians will have to go electric

By Lethbridge Herald on January 24, 2024.


With reference to Edna Mackenzie’s letter to the editor on Jan. 12, firstly, you nailed it with your final remark – “in the end the consumer will decide the future of EVs.”

I do not think anyone believes we will be forced to have only electric vehicles for purchase by 2035 – neither the Government of Canada, the steadfast environmentalists, all the politicians in the world and us consumers.

Butwe must have goals set, policies to achieve them, systems to record the progress (or lack of) and ways and means to adjust and reset the objectives.

I spent years trying to get two major petrol-chemical companies (Dow Chemical and Nova Chemical) to address recycling and reusing all the plastic resin they spewed out every year. 

Nothing happened until the big governments stepped in. Nova Chemicals now has a plan for a 30 per cent recycled content as a share of its total polyethylene sales of plastic pellets by 2030.

Dow Chemical, with $58 billion U.S. dollars in worldwide revenue is still slow to come to the table; even with their “Path to Zero by 2050” carbon storage initiative, they still have no plan to have the two million tonnes of plastic pellets they will spew out in 2029 from the new plant.

All these big companies now have ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) plans with their Chief Executive Officers (CEO) realizing that a bigger bottom line is not their only mandate.

So back to electric vehicles – the big automobile manufacturers such as GM, Ford, Toyota, Volkswagen, etc. would still be spewing out large exhaust pollutants, had big governments not stepped in with regulations and time frames.

So, Goodnight Mrs, Calabash – wherever you are, as Jimmy Durante would say.

I say don’t worry, Mrs Mackenzie – we, the consumer, can choose our government, purchase what we please, reject what we do not like and change what we can.

Grant R Harrington 


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old school

There are politicians in Ottawa who fantasize that we will be electric by 2035. They promote and support the idea by attending massive climate summits in the most inefficient methods possible.

Fedup Conservative

They aren’t fantasizing when oil executives are stating that these targets can be reached with the help of Greene Energy. So while this fool Danielle Smith stops the increase of construction of additional Wind and Solar Power to meet these targets to try to embarrass Trudeau she is destroys 24,000 jobs for Albertans and a $33 billion investment in this province making a fool of herself in the process.
While she feeds us the lie that Trudeau is stealing all our money facts prove it isn’t true and while she continues to help the rich steal our oil and tax wealth and Trudeau helps our municipalities to survive she wants these municipalities to report to her what they are receiving because it makes her look like a damn fool doesn’t it?

Fedup Conservative

If Canadians keep allowing these Reformers to ignore what the rest of the world is doing in regards to trying to curb Global Warming we will be in a horrible mess. This isn’t about Canada not having to go electric this is about not being able to buy vehicles or farm equipment that aren’t electric leaving us years behind the rest of the world. Those of us who have been travelling the world know how far behind we already are and by allowing these Reformers to help the rich steal our wealth we don’t have the wealth to catch up. We can’t even fund our healthcare and education systems properly putting more and more people in the need of Food Banks.

old school

Global warming is history. They have switched to climate change. Can’t be wrong if the weather is warmer or colder. It’s all a catastrophe.🤔🙈. You have to be practical about wind and solar energy. They work! Oh , sometimes! Last 2 weeks of good old fashion cold the wind and solar did didly- squat. So we need 100% reliable coal or gas fired power on standby for when the overpriced , 32% efficient green energy is doing less than nothing. Yes, costing energy to do nothing.
The health care and education systems are adequately funded. They are inadequately managed is the problem.


Yeah, wind & solar are doing less than nothing….oh look at this!…

Fedup Conservative

It’s the same thing and in the real world with fools like you trying to convince yourselves they don’t work we know they do and when its 40 below in Alberta the sun is usually shining and solar panels are creating electricity just like they do in Alaska but I doubt you have been there to talk to the people about it , right?
If you had bothered to talk to any retired doctors, nurses, and teachers, including some of my family members you would understand the health care and education systems we’re operating just fine under the Lougheed and Getty governments until you fools elected Liberal Ralph Klein and Liberal Jason Kenney and allowed them to deliberately destroy what our conservative governments had created for us. So if it’s not being managed properly why did you fools give Danielle Smith another chance to destroy it like we knew she would ? The fact is you are seniors and should be a lot smarter but aren’t, are you?

John P Nightingale

”Global warming is history”. Thoughts like yours really are “history”. Climate Change is happening because of “global warming”. Nothing has “switched”.

Fedup Conservative

Isn’t it amazing how easy it is to fool these ignorant seniors? Their minds are so easily screwed up, but then as a former Royal Bank Manager who saw a lot of seniors who were so dumb they let con-artists steal all their money using some the dumbest tricks imaginable and police officers agree. We have had a good laugh about them over the years. Its hard to believe how stupid they really are.

Lawyers in our group over years have pointed out. “They are no different they are letting these Reformers do it to them now. This is likely the worse case of fraud the world has ever seen. These Reformers are helping the rich steal our oil and tax wealth and the ignorant Albertans are helping them do it and it’s all done legally because these fools keep re- electing them and telling them that it’s okay to do it “. Not only have they screwed themselves out of thousands of dollars they have destroyed their children’s future and they aren’t smart enough to understand it.
Alaskans are a perfect example every man, woman and child has received $50,000. In total annual dividend cheques since 1982. Twice when I have been to Alaska the people have told about what it’s done to help their families out and how thankful the are to have a government who cares about them enough to do it.
Well, as our family knows all too well from volunteering for them that was the Lougheed plan for Albertans as well and these fools allowed these Reformers to destroy it for them and weren’t smart enough or willing enough to believe what we were telling them.
Hurling sarcastic comments at us was the proof of how stupid they are and once again my friends and I are hearing them stating that they wished they had supported Notley and not Smith but it’s too late and they had better start trying to figure out where you are going to find medical help when you need it. We saw all the deaths attributed to Klein’s health care cuts and the lawsuits it brought against Albertans and Smith as she praises Klein is doing the same thing.