July 14th, 2024

Canada shouldn’t support Israel’s genocide of Palestinians

By Lethbridge Herald on January 27, 2024.


I want to witness before the most high and the commmunity that I oppose the genocide being committed against the Palestinians.

I’m a long time resident of the Pass (CNP), a nurse for 32 years and a U.S. Army Viet Nam veteran. I spent a year in a helicopter unit in Cu Chi, RVN, in 1968-69.

I worked as a nurse for 20 years in the Pass and 12 years in Calgary.

I believe, since I am intimately acquainted with how an empire does war, that I am capable of recognizing genocide. 

Indeed, even those without experience of war but who yet retain critical thinking capacity understand these events underway.

I’m not an American any longer since I renounced my citizenship. I’m a Canadian citizen and I don’t think Canada should support Israel in this. This moral lapse will ultimately cause a lot of suffering to the peoples of the west. It’s tragic our leaders are so short-sighted.

And then of course for those who are believers, there is the next world to consider.

Robert Staley


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old school

It’s not genocide. Hamas slaughtered innocents ,took innocents hostage, and now are holding / torturing them . Israel is rightly trying to rescue its citizens. Gaza’s residents are helping to hide them or refusing to aid in the release of hostages. What other recourse does Israel have but to respond in kind.


Two wrongs don’t make a right.


you can be such a piece of work – get brainwashed much?

old school

But I ask , where am I wrong?


only that hamas slaughtered innocents and holds hostages is correct, in my view. the history of israeli govts and their oppression of and desire to control and eliminate palestinian presence is the operative…in other words, business as usual but now with a supposed justification. of course, there is no justifying a genocide.

Southern Albertan

This exact situation has been festering for far too long. There’s even the situation with, water, the hogging of the water from the Jordan River by Israel, a very pertinent contribution to this conflict. We may well pay attention to this with our southern Alberta drought and possible water restrictions. It could get, very, dicey.


you express a desire and ability to see things as fully as possible, and are not prone to buying the simple narrative too often sold to us.

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Fedup Conservative

It isn’t just Hamas that are being killed it’s innocent children and people who don’t support Hamas. Instead of just blindly hurling rockets at areas they should be ground fighting against Hamas. We have been talking to a friend in Israel and while her and her daughter, and two grandchildren have been safe so far she has seen enough of this stupidity over the years and wonders why Hamas was allowed to get control? She is like me she thinks that there is a better way to save innocent lives.
So why don’t you explain why you helped these destructive Reformers get control of our Alberta Conservative Party and deliberately destroy what our hero Peter Lougheed created for us? It is exactly the same thing and when we try to put a stop to it ignorant Albertans, including you, blindly hurl your sarcastic comments at us for not being as dumb as you are.
Your pal Smith is today ,once again ,showing support for the convoy truckers celebrating the two year anniversary yesterday. While they show no respect for our RCMP and raise money for the criminals in jail who stockpiled guns to kill police officers. Where is the intelligence in that?
My police officer friends know how dangerous this could have been. Had these guns been taken to Ottawa and the crowd fired upon we would have had another American style shooting disaster and there is no way they should be treated like heroes.
My wife and I were a block away from City Hall in Edmonton when the shooting took place on Tuesday and we know that could have been another disaster. Our grandsons grade one class was in city hall at the time.


he is a biased presenter. moreover, however one wishes to portray the numbers, the reality remains stark and wicked for quite a large number of innocent people. surely one can acknowledge as much
here is a link which shows exactly what is to be the outcome.
a couple more that provided in reply to imo, which would help anyone to gain a richer knowledge of the outlook of the dominating people

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WHY haven’t Palestinians and Muslims around the world demanded HAMAS withdraw? That would put an end to this war. HAMAS devils keep the war going and going- shows they hate Jews more than they love their own people. Meanwhile the vile scum are hiding in Saudi Arabia living in luxury. When will Muslims / Palestinians come to their senses?


why have israeli govts not given back the lands they have stolen from war, and have further, ongoing, systematically stolen over many decades? why have those govts instituted a state of apartheid, discrimination, and a wicked impoverishment of rights and income for non-jews? meanwhile, the vile scum that call themselves israeli leaders seem well under way to inflicting what sure looks like what could be deemed a “final solution.”


biff, with respect to settler colonialism in Palestine and elsewhere, you may find the following seminar to be of interest. Please find registration info on their website at http://www.justpeaceadvocates.ca

Virtual Event (Sat. Feb. 3, 1030 EST)From Turtle Island to Kashmir to PalestineSettler Colonialism is a Crime


Israeli historian Ilan Pappe has written about settler colonialism and the ethnic cleansing of Palestine. The following 47 minute interview provides an overview:


thank you for each of the posts. here are a couple that i urge all to have good look at. the first, though long, is written by one of the many jews that support peace and fairness, and is truly an eye-popper.
in particular, i urge mr. ewing, blue, and the several others in this forum that fail to embrace anywhere near the entire truth, context and humanity with regard to zionism and the use of zionism to justify apartheid, hate, discrimination, theft of land and opportunity, and disenfranchisement of non-jews.


Thank you for posting the links. As an aside, it strikes me that anyone who does not understand the meaning of settler colonialism, past and present, will not understand why, for example, Ilan Pappe asserts and the historic record confirms, the establishment of the State of Israel was done so as a colonial project.


thanks – will look this up, too.
yes, settler colonialism has caused a great deal of harm the world over throughout the ages. i often see it, as well, with regard to humans re-engineering and destroying habitats and ecosystems, terming it development and selling it as opportunity.

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Fedup Conservative

Our friends in Israel wonder why Palestine allowed Hamas to get control in the first place just like Albertans allowed these Reformers to get control of our beloved conservatives and allowed them to destroy everything our hero Peter Lougheed created for us. It’s really the same thing, isn’t it?


sadly, it is human history the world over the fact that the masses way too often, if not always, get co-opted, coerced and ruined by a handful of the most vile folk in most every society. however, that appears as having been far less the case among indigenous peoples, although, i cannot say i know this with certainty.


agreed, r.s. those that have their hatred of arabs and muslims on auto-pilot refuse to learn of how israeli govts – despite the protests of many of its citizens; have been ongoing stealing what little land non-jews have/had; the state of apartheid; the lack of rights of non-jewsnd the systemic prejudice that is fomented and practiced; and the utter poverty inflicted upon non-jews by nasty israeli govt policies and laws.
i am no fan of hamas, as i am no fan of any approach that puts innocent people in harm’s way; as such, i am also no fan of net-the-yahoo, nor any of his cronies, nor any of the sickos that were the predecessors there.