February 25th, 2024

Federal government’s carbon tax is an insult to Canadians

By Lethbridge Herald on February 3, 2024.


The premier of Saskatchewan said “No” to his citizens being charged carbon tax and so now Saskatchewan and eastern Canada are not paying carbon tax.

To add insult the rest of us not only pay carbon tax on home heating, we also pay GST on that tax. Tax on tax!

In April 2016, the Canada Revenue Agency said provincial carbon taxes would be subject to GST.

 As much as $150 million in GST in Alberta and B.C. is generated for the feds on taxing carbon tax. 

Carbon tax in Alberta amounts to over $1.7 billion going to Trudeau. 

Chuck Galambos


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Guess you don’t like the rebate cheque Trudeau sends you. The less fuel you waste, the more rebate you put in your pocket. Win-win.

John P Nightingale

We get a refund every 3 months. In Ontario it is considerably less than Alberta.
All provinces pay either through their own programs or federal. Eastern Canada does not pay on home heating oil, but still pays a reduced carbon tax – contrary to what the writer suggests.
Yes, this is a tax, but perhaps you (the writer) do not need an incentive to reduce emissions, but many do. Over thirty countries have some form of carbon tax, we are not alone and many economists accept that this is the best way to help bring down emissions. But then again, perhaps the writer does not feel a need to do so, climate change through global warming being merely being a few scientists whimsical fantasies with no basis in truth.
The only thing that I would agree with is the “tax on the tax”, which is unacceptable.
Easy to say “ax the tax” as Poilievre, Thomas and others suggest , but to do so and offer no tangible alternatives to reduce emissions, suggests a belief in the global warming conspiracy and its various world wide consequences.
And before anyone suggests the tired mantra of “earth’s natural cycles”, of course that is true , but that does not negate current record high levels of greenhouse gas concentrations and associated record high temperatures and drought in many places, including Alberta.

Fedup Conservative

It’s only going to Trudeau because stupid Albertans let Reformer Jason Kenney try to stop it and lost in court.
Isn’t it amazing how ignorant these Albertans are? Once again it’s all Trudeau’s fault totally ignorant of the fact that it was the conservatives who created it to help the oil industry show the world that they do care about what Global Warming is doing to the planet and are trying to help the world do something about it.
Just to prove how ignorant they are they whine about the Carbon Tax and ignore the Rebates they are receiving that is actually putting money in their pockets as Sophie points out but conveniently ignore the huge fees added to their power and gas bills with Klein’s deregulation and the Orphan Well Cleanup Mess he dumped on our children’s future and doesn’t mention the stupid Gong Show that Danielle Smith is carrying on putting us in a worse financial mess.
That’s how stupid these guys are and when we try to put a stop to it they attack you with stupid comments like Chuck has done.
I suggest he wake up and learn the true facts instead of believing the lies these phoney conservatives, Reformers, have been feeding him and maybe all rural Albertans who have blindly supported Daniele Smith need to do the same. You are looking very foolish to many Alberta conservatives, aren’t they?


Good points, Fedup. Rather than ‘ax the tax’, their slogan should read ‘Eliminate the Rebate’!


What’s the magic number, 400, 383, 292, zero????? If we hit 350 do we axe the tax??


Sure. Let’s do that.


So far the tax is doing nothing. Getting a rebate is smoke and mirrors. Collect the money, wash thru a government bureaucracy, skim the top, put it through another bureaucracy to give you some back. Are you that gullible???
If you are getting it back in the form of rebates, why collect it in the first place. What has the Skim off the top done to reduce the number. I think it should be 200ppm. That way the planet will be dead.

Last edited 10 days ago by buckwheat

Not surprised you don’t understand the notion of a cabon levy. Learning is hard for some people.

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