July 21st, 2024

Province needs to stay out of municipal elections

By Lethbridge Herald on February 7, 2024.


Apparently, the UCP is thinking of adding party labels to the names of candidates on municipal election ballots.  They ran an online survey last fall (Nov. 7 to Dec. 6), asking for feedback on the statement “the electoral ballot should be amended to allow political parties to be listed by municipal candidates.”

 More than 70 per cent of respondents were opposed.  To the UCP: Hands off our municipal elections!

To fellow citizens:  Write to the UCP and oppose this before they go any further. Let’s keep our city council “Lethbridge-ites” and make it easy for them to continue to work together as colleagues. 

Leslie Lavers


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Can’t hide the socialists and big spenders then. Have to base your vote on the pablum puked out on the campaign trail. I am all for it, no one of any stripe can hide in the weeds.


Yes, team jerseys are much easier to recognize than values or substantive consideration of issues.


Yep how many time have we heard he line going to reduce that, audit that and it is all BS when it comes to budget time. All need to be identified so they recognize the values and can get substantive insight in the issues. The all use the same brush until elected. Would also remove the back room pushing by certain MLA’s everywhere.


always a great rivalry is cons v libs. not only is it great that dunderheads cannot shake loose of favourite team jersey, they are happy to pay whatever the grand price that comes with an unwavering support for a their team seat, parking, hot dogs and beer (metaphorically speaking).
sadly, the team con v team lib series has got the masses a hill of beans, for which their generations of offspring will continue to pay and suffer. in my numerous decades of living, i can say sustainability and the health of the land, air and water are all far the worse for the games thus far played…save for the likes of having got public health care and old age pensions and supports (thanks to the ndp/ccf, which i forgot to note in my initial entry here). i suppose, however, there are the usual class of folk for whom the games have been awesome, as in the ultra rich having been able to get all the more ultra rich.

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Southern Albertan

The Take Back Alberta influence on the UCP is obvious here.
The question could be: How long will Danielle Smith be able to successfully keep them happy before they show her the door?
In the meantime Alberta has much more pressing issues: a disastrous possible drought, forest fires that are still burning with new ones on the horizon in a possible drought, health care is in a purposeful shambles to drive private-for-profit, education at all levels is being drastically underfunded with + + monies being directed to private schools, insurance and utility costs continue to increase, housing and rent issues, drug overdose deaths continue to increase, prohibitive food costs…on and on.

Fedup Conservative

She is certainly proving to all Canadians what a fool she is. Those of us who have relatives in other provinces can’t believe Albertans were dumb enough to elect her. Isn’t too bad that fools like buckwheat and old school weren’t smart enough to listen to us isn’t it? They don’t care what is happening to their children’s future they aren’t that smart, are they?

Fedup Conservative

She is a true Dictator and wants control of everything and has proven it time and time again. There is nothing conservative about her. While she continues to give away Albertans oil and tax wealth she blames Ottawa for stealing all our wealth when it’s these Reformers who are doing it and the disgusting way she treats our doctors, nurses, teachers and students is a repeat of what Klein did to us and we can bet it will cost lives.

Southern Albertan

Definitely, the Smith UCP government is authoritarian and undemocratic along with the glaring, toxic, disturbing influence of the David Parker/Take Back Alberta group who appears to largely, if not completely, control the UCP now. Who, really, is, the Premier of this province? Again, how long, will Danielle Smith keep TBA happy before they show her the door as they did with Jason Kenney?


So, does this mean that Danielle’s UCP will truthfully have to declare themselves as the Albertabama GOP ?