July 20th, 2024

Smith deserves even less respect after time with Tucker Carlson

By Lethbridge Herald on March 1, 2024.


Recently our premier Danielle Smith spent air time with former and disgraced Fox News host Tucker Carlson. 

I had very little respect for our premier before then and even less now. Carlson recently did another political interview with the psychopathic, murderous Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

 Carlson asked no pointed questions and seemed subservient to the Russian dictator. I am truly embarrassed that the premier of Alberta spent air time, but hopefully not on Alberta tax dollars, on a Putin/Trump toady like Tucker Carlson.

Did our local UCP Lethbridge East MLA, Nathan Neudorf show any disdain for our Premier’s faux pas? Just wondering.

Robert King-Brown


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Southern Albertan

Hear, hear! The whole of the Smith/Parker UCP/TBA is proving to be a faux pas. How much worse is it going to get? Some of their stuff just cannot be made up.


It’s not called ‘The Tucker Calson Psychopath World Tour’ for nothing.


NDP echo chamber. Only opinions they want to hear are theirs coming out of your mouth. Hardly an open minded group. Who cares. How did this effect the provinces governance other than some have hurt feelings. She pumped Alberta for 16 minutes and the rest was Peterson and Black. Get a life.

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ever the dark din in this forum – why is it one supports pretty much every person, thought and approach that promotes indignity of another and of the planet?

Fedup Conservative

Once again buckwheat proves what a fool he is and isn’t smart enough to realize it, can’t find anyone dumb enough to agree with him. You can’t be any dumber than him , can you?

old school

Interesting that an open minded news host causes such offence. That’s what real news should be. Real. Talk to the people involved. Pretty easy to slander and demonize Putin , and elevate Zelenskyy to the status of a marvel comic super hero. Because the CBC said so.

Fedup Conservative

As a lawyer friend says “You can call seniors Stupid and the only ones who will be offended are the stupid ones, the rest are smart enough to know you don’t mean them”. I’ve been using it since the Klein years and it certainly works. It brings out the stupid ones and it certainly brought you out, didn’t it?

old school

Perhaps answer this question ,what good things has Zelenskyy done for Ukraine?And making a clown actor appearance on an awards show doesn’t count.


this is also a reply to your entry to me a little farther along: perhaps you might begin by sharing out what zelenskyy has done that is, as you note, “evil”? the list of putin’s wickedness is already rather long and sordid. hmm, and was it not putin that began the war with the ukraine? does one see that as a good thing? killing off people that present a challenge to him, or otherwise mercilessly harming and incarcerating those that speak out “with open minds” – that is good, acceptable? as well, there is the massive corruption he has overseen that has enriched himself and his oligarch buddies, much to the detriment of the masses – but, hey, let’s have an open mind about that, too?

John P Nightingale

“What good things has he done”? Get a grip OS, he has through his international diplomacy and steadfast support of Ukrainians saved them from annihilation as a country. It may not result in a victory because of your seeming friend Putin, but at least he will have tried – something lacking elsewhere including our neighbours down south and maybe even our own so called leaders .

John P Nightingale

R U for real Old Fool? I don’t need the CBC on its own to demonize Putin. Try the Times, Telegraph, Washington Post, The Australian or better still, listen to Nevalny’s widow. Next thing you will be trumpeting is David Parker as the go – to – guy in the interest of all good libertarians everywhere, the environment and social safety nets be damned.


Are you insane or do you just act that way? Saying the CBC should not demonize Putin is assinine. Putin is the devil incarnate. Do you not see what is going on in Ukraine? He is a mass murderer and should be assassinated!!!

Fedup Conservative

Without knowing that he was a retired lawyer a friend loved to tell seniors like these ignorant fools “ If you don’t want to be called stupid why don’t you stop acting that way”. With Danielle Smith comparing anyone who got vaccinated against COVID with Nazis it proves how many stupid Albertans there are for ignoring her insulting remarks doesn’t it? My conservative friends certainly felt insulted, can you blame them?


what kind of person could truly support the likes of a putin? as for whatever level of crud the cbc has become, how can one use their reporting with regard to putin as a basis to show how poor cbc news has become?
we continue to see the soggy, stinky ground upon which the so-called religious call home. self serving, self righteous, judgemental, hateful, intolerant, greedy…so far apart from the ways of jesus, the one they purport to accept as saviour so as to have their open door to heaven.

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old school

Not sure I support Putin. Enough responders indicate I do tho. Point is be open minded . Zelenskyy is an evil man. Vlad is fed up with him. A reporter interviewed Hitler in the course of the war. 80 some years ago .He receives a a journalism award for that.Standards change since then for journalism?


Our Premier taking any time at all to legitimize Tucker as a journalist is below her office. Carlson is not a journalist. He is a spewer of lies and hate.

old school

I challenge Shark to list 10 lies from Tucker. Should be easy for you if he is a spewed. You disagreeing with him does not constitute a lie.


Start here Old School:

You agreeing with him does not constitute a truth.


Refer SophieR’s reply for your answer! All he does is lie and deceive. He is the lowest of the low as he does not realize how much harm he is doing to that country. For you to defend him makes you a fool.


I’ll dip my toe into this one — although it is rather low hanging fruit.

old school, you may want to check out this website: ttps://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2021/may/06/tucker-carlson/tucker-carlsons-misleading-claim-about-deaths-afte/

old school

It becomes challenging to understand “truth” when factcheck has to be fact checked.It is challenge to figger out what’s going on in the world . News is left wing or right wing. ???? CBC or Fox .We don’t know anymore what news is. There is flooding in California . That is news. A factual report, a proven fact. Lots of rain and ,yes, obvious flooding, deep water, don’t drive your car here. Then , the b.s. starts :” caused by climate change”. Never seen before ( at least since 1988. ) California can be dry. Can be wet when it rains. 1867 -snow in Death Valley? 1934 – hottest day ever? what do you want to believe,or who can you believe, or who do you want to believe. Putin is a dirtbag. Canada’s prime minister is a dirtbag for different reasons. Zelenskyy is a dirtbag from another perspective. We seem to have differences of opinion on “bad”.However , The people , the citizens of Ukraine are suffering incredibly due to poor choices from NATO, the UN and so many others. I certainly pray for peace for them. Always in a war , anywhere we the people are not given access to most of underlying reasons.


all of that is simply because the biden admin is on a trump witch hunt. once trump gets re-elected, all the weather anomalies in california and elsewhere will cease, and we will discover that putin is actually a very nice guy. trump is a god, putin is a nice fella, and because there are people that see this as much is generally why the planet sucks so much more than it should.

Last edited 4 months ago by biff

I read your response with some interest. I understand your frustration and certainly agree that the line between fact and opinion has become increasingly blurred in recent decades.
But I don’t think separating fact from opinion is as difficult as you suggest. It does require, however, stepping away from algorithm-driven echo chambers, searching out original source material more often, and exercising sound information-literacy skills, including but not limited to recognizing false equivalencies and logical fallacies. 
Coincidentally I came across a piece from PBS on the very problem you identify. Here is the link: https://youtu.be/j3yvGLROXLM?si=5W8zpUD43bjPyUwr
I also understand that many people find it difficult to differentiate between informed opinions and uniformed opinions. This is especially the case with respect to scientific questions where distrust of experts and institutions often comes into play, and where people with no background, training or education in a given field assume they know as much (or more) as people who hold advanced degrees in those fields.

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Mr. King-Brown, your unequivical disdane with Premier Smith is only paled by your apparent “obliviousness” to reality! Firstly, Premier Smith did NOT invite nor sponsor Tucker Carlson, secondly, I bet you would clamered about Premier Smith had she NOT participated in the discussion!

What is it about Tucker Carlson’s visit to Calgary and Edmonton that you diapprove of so staunchly? Is it that he drew a sell-out record number of audience (nearly 12,000)? Or perhaps that his disclosed Episcopalian believes and conviction are too conservative for you? Was his statement(s) comparing “MAID” to genocide, a “reality check” you are unable to accept? Or was it that we as parents/community should be aware/cautious/concerned regarding the demonization of our children in the education system? Were Tucker’s comment(s) about Trudeau too much for you to handle? Regardless of all eventualities that may have prompted your letter/comments to the editor, you are definetly entitled to your opinion.
As for your disdain with Premier Smith, that you wear on your sleave, “be that as it may”.

Last edited 4 months ago by HaroldP

Maybe it is more simple than that, HP. Maybe it is because his view lurch towards fascism.

Maybe giving these views credence is morally unacceptable.

Mrs. Kidd (she/her)

Prey tell, in what way is the education system demonizing children?

Last edited 4 months ago by Mrs. Kidd (she/her)
Ben Matlock

Harold, I’m not sure if you’re an idiot or you think other people are idiots, but let’s deal in facts vs opinion.

The capacity of the Telus Centre in Calgary is 4,000, and the capacity of the Roger’s Centre in Edmonton (for concerts) is 20,734. You can look it up. It’s easy.

Now, roughly 4,000 people attended Carlson’s event in YYC, which would be a sell out for that venue, but the crowd in Edmonton at the Roger’s Centre was about 8,000.

8,000 in a venue that seats 20,734 is neither a record crowd nor a sell out. And I doubt that Carlson’s side show was the first time the Telus Convention Centre was sold out, so how in the name of truth and rational thought could it have been a record crowd?


Ha ha ha, “idiot” ??? Capacity as you quote, is one thing, available tickets is another “idiot” you go check it out!

Ben Matlock

Yes, I see now, “of the tickets available.” Is that what you meant by “number of audience?” I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you weren’t deliberately trying to mislead, but your wording is really unclear. And do you know what they teach in law schools? Fuzzy writing is a sign of fuzzy thinking.

The fact remains, however, that nearly (your word) all of the 12,000 available tickets were taken up, so that is not a sell out.

Finally, I do apologize for implying that you are an idiot. That was uncalled for and unnecessary.