April 22nd, 2024

Anonymous attacks on councillor Dodic gutless and nasty

By Lethbridge Herald on March 22, 2024.


 Members of our city council are elected officials chosen in a democratic process by voters in a series of actions where the majority rules. 

Prior to being elected they create a platform that hopefully will woo a majority of the constituents.

They propose amendments to existing laws or introduce new motions  to be voted on by the rest of their fellow councillors. 

And this process is a result of consultation, feedback and general consensus from their constituents.

A recent blog on a social media platform criticized one of our elected officials, Rajko Dodic.

  This caustic venomous spouting proves that too many people don’t understand just how disgusting their behaviour is when they engage in gutless, nasty, personal attacks. 

Strangely, fanatics always assume that they and they alone have a monopoly on the moral high ground.

The writer of the blog states that Dodid was a poor representative in a previous term as a councillor and mayor. And yet in his present term he got more votes than any other candidate.

Perhaps the writer should emerge from behind his/her cloak of anonymity and put his/her name forward in the next election.

Stan Adamus


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The principle of democracy is rule by the majority … while protecting individual and minority rights. It’s funny how often the latter part gets left out. Without it you have oppression.

And I agree that there should be basic respect for elected politicians and public servants. And there should be civility in public discourse. The ‘freedom’ to pollute civil society with name-calling must end.


You nailed it Stan! All this, supposibly over “designated bike lanes”, which do not deserve or need to be introduced in our City. STOP the harassment and STOP the designated bike lanes now.


last time i looked, the person or party getting the most votes has hardly ever meant that person or party is the most capable.
we are each entitled to our opinion – mine being that dodic was a poor mayor and is a poor councilor – but, we must also hold to a standard of decency when sharing our opinions.

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