April 23rd, 2024

Bible makes clear God’s position on gay relationships

By Lethbridge Herald on March 30, 2024.


The following letter may have a Bible-based response, but, Mr. Mitsui, your long letter to the editor of March 23 opened that door. 

If vandalism to your home would be legalized in the name of self-expression, would you be angry because your long-held view of ownership was ”now dismissed as obsolete”? Or because the legal system had made something wrong legal? 

The fact that the Bible is against gay sex has nothing to do with “ensuring the long-lasting existence of one’s race and tribe” – although God certainly did command His people to “be fruitful and multiply.”

 Large families are rarely mentioned in scripture, but over and over again there are passages which make God’s position on gay sex very clear. How ministers in Christian denominations can condone it must mean they are using a book other than the Bible. The intent here, Mr. Mitsui, is not to change your mind – that seems firmly made up. But to brush off Christianity as something man-made, an invention of imagination and “delusional hope“, “the kind of god we like who will tweak nature and make us live forever” is just foolish. 

Perhaps you could add to your reading list some of Lee Strobel’s books that take a journalist’s approach to what is true and not true. 

In fact, his first book in the series began with an attempt to journalistically debunk his wife’s faith in Christ. 

MAiD might sound like an answer for those who are in pain or tired of living but the reality of human nature is that it won’t stop there. 

Jeremiah 17:9 reads that “the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked.”

Already, there are forces who want to make it available to the mentally ill, even children. 

And what of those elderly or disabled folks who are encouraged to think of themselves as a burden to their families and society? As for Easter, it is the time that Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ after His sacrificial death on the cross. Not so, for most of our culture.

 To the average Canadian – whether pro- or con- the “paradigm shift” – Happy Easter is about bunnies, candy, and the onset of spring.

 I, for one, celebrate the “joyful tidings” of “eternal life” made possible through the cross, and that makes me look forward to a lot more than a “comfortable rest.”

Theresa Teerling


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 Good letter Theresa. The reality of human nature was never considered when MAID was legalized. The proverb, “give them an inch they take a mile” comes to mind. Initially, MAID was intended for the terminally ill, however, many understood that from the outset, legalizing euthanasia would inevitably take us down a path of expansion and unrequested deaths..  


too bad it is never refreshing to read the babble coming from the hopelessly brainwashed. one quote’s good old jeremiah, and most banal uttering are we provided. while there are those whose light is hardly yet able to shine, there are also those whose light shines bright through thoughts and actions borne of their heart.
as for the ‘tribes” foolishness, did not your image of a god shut down a building that was to climb to heaven above LOL by creating a language issue among the builders? LOL brilliant stuff, really, if one chooses to exist in a perspective of stoic ignorance. as for “tribes”, does one actually believe there is a “chosen” tribe that is the apple of god’s eye, whilst all other “tribes” will be condemned? nothing like being holier than thou, and clinging to a basis upon which one’s sense of superiority can be underscored – and one’s acts of wrath, judgement and hate can be made good by some made up outlook on one’s most immature and ignorant creature of what a “god” may be.


Dear Biff, your question on what “god may be” will be answered by God to you, “when EVERY knee will bow and tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord” are YOU prepared for that day Biff?

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John P Nightingale

An omnipotent and malicious “god” indeed.


i stand by your right to see god, and your take on existence, however you feel serves you. that said, however you see things does not confer upon you the right or basis upon which to determine what others choose to do, when their choices do not infringe upon the rights of others. try as one might, it is impossible to prove that that bible, or any other of the numerous “holy” books out there, are borne of god.
as for your question, i am mostly hopeful that god is prepared enough for the likes of elitist, exclusive, hypocritical types that believe they are among god’s most favoured and chosen. for, if such beings are permitted into “heaven” it will imbue such a place with an element of hell.

Say What . . .

There are different beliefs and faiths and for those of us who believe and practise Christianity, there even are different doctrines which separate us.
Christianity is a way of life, not just faith or religion. We are not perfect and will die imperfect. There has been enormous amount of documented experiences when someone has died and was brought back to life of an experience of either heaven or hell seen, hundreds of thousands.
Christians are all at different levels of their journey to be better, stronger in their faith and better mankind and often we look at others and judge, which is also wrong.
Although the Bible does state that gay relationships are an abomination, we also sin by stealing, murdering, cheating on our spouses, coveting and many other ways. Is one sin worse than another? The Bible says they are all equal. Can we then judge gay relationships? I guess we will all find out in the end what is right!
I am against MAID in some applications. When someone who works for the government is suggesting to a military vet who was suffering from PTSD, that they should consider MAID, I am cannot express just how concerning this is! Yet, for someone who is suffering from a serious, debilitating disease with no hope, there should be some options.
I do agree with the point made about seniors and it is true from my own experience where we were told my mother had no quality of life and we should just let her go. There has been a form of MAID in play for decades in this province, where they classified food as prescribed, withhold it and put the patient on high morphine drip and allow them to pass. My mother lived happily for several years after their suggestion, laughing and enjoying family.
Yes, Christ at Christmas has been stolen by Santa and his commercial enterprises, and Easter as well, with Chocolate sales and candy by the Easter Bunny and devout Christians realize this, but I would end by stating that Christ commands:
Matthew 22:36-40
37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’[a38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[b40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”
We all struggle at times in keeping up to God’s commands, but we must keep trying!
Enjoy this Easter Holiday which in written history was to acknowledge the sacrifice the Son of God made by coming to walk as a man, be nailed to a cross, die, go into the pits of Hell and defeat Satan and his minions, so that mankind could see salvation and eternal. He is a God of Love, not an unforgiving, angry, hateful God many think of him as. He is not the one giving people sickness and disease or killing people.
We need to find faith in these troubled times.




“Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.” (2 Peter 1:20)
It is a shame that people conceal their patriarchal, intolerant and authoritarian views behind depraved eisegesis.
Is it not better to embrace a compelling vision that would affirm and protect the rights and freedoms of embodied life? For in the end, defeating the phantasm expressed in this Letter is a matter of affirming how one loves, how one lives in one’s body, the right to exist in the world without fear of violence, censorship or discrimination, to breath, to move, to live, to die. To embrace the right of self-determination.
Why would we not want all people to have those fundamental freedoms?


Wow, SophieR your attempt to quote the Holy Scripture out of context is dangerous and will not, I said WILL NOT, lead to the path of forgiveness and everlasting life that is freely given to those who believe and have given their heart to Lord Jesus Christ, being born again. Living for Jesus is true freedom, the way and the truth.

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Judge not, my friend. Perhaps, HaroldP, one day you will find the path of love (and recycling).


Judgment? Truth is truth where as deception is also deception
Recycyling??? Do you mean being reborn, “Born again”?


No, I meant love is love, and recycling is recycling.


SophieR, do you even know what you mean (meant)?


I actually do not think that you needed to even clarify it; it was succinct and perfect as it was.


My gosh Sophie… SWEET !


Regarding the whole judge not idea… Harold definitely seems to cherry pick the scriptures he feels will get him through the gates, and has little fear he can ignore whatever fits conveniently into his lifestyle and viewpoints. Religiosity is a nasty blemish.


indeed – stick to the scriptures in context: an eye for an eye…but, turn the other cheek, right? so what say ye – retribution or forgiveness?


well examined. cheers to respecting the right of each to the universal law of noninterference.


Theresa, refreshing! Yes, Easter is the foundation of our Faith and if we received Jesus Christ as our Saviour, the promise of eternality in His presence. For those who, in this forum (who will undoubtably disagree and/or criticize your comments) Easter, by the way is, for us, not centered around a bunny, chocolates and coloured eggs, rather, on the cross at Calvary. He is risen indeed!

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