May 18th, 2024

Transgender issue needs more voices heard

By Lethbridge Herald on April 12, 2024.


They’re still protesting, almost two months after Danielle Smith announced restrictions on transgender procedures. But the activist fringe is not on the winning side of this argument. 

Katie DeLucia-Burk (March 22) seems to assert morphology is guided by self-image: “they’re not fighting against their body, their bodies (sic) working with them.” The body actually grows according to its biological process. Hormone infusions intentionally alter that. If self-image truly governed growth, would transgenderism need WPATH?

Journalist Michael Schellenberger reports the World Professional Association for Transgender Health actually acknowledges, “transgender medicine is neither scientific nor medical.” 

Working from a leaked internal discussion forum, Schellenberger learned that doctors knew testosterone therapies produced hepatocarcinomas and liver tumors. Doctors admitted neither dysphoric minors nor their well-meaning parents understood the damage treatments had on growing bodies. 

Yet the prevailing WPATH attitude remained that suffering patients “should have known what they were in for.” Schellenberger concludes, “The WPATH files are a picture of people single-mindedly committed to the hammer of gender medicine, seeing every patient as a nail.”

France will now ban transgender surgeries for minors, describing so-called gender affirming care as “one of the greatest ethical scandals in the history of medicine.”

 It follows a UK National Health Service decision to stop prescribing puberty blockers for minors. Denmark, Finland, and Sweden also chose to restrict treatments – as have Saskatchewan and New Brunswick.

Activist arguments use the young and vulnerable; they ignore those same persons who realize, years later, what a mistake it was. By then, the damage is often permanent. Consider Lois Cardinal: transitioned from male to female at 19 under pressure from an Edmonton gender clinic about to lose funding. His vaginoplasty left Cardinal in 15 years of chronic pain “that cannot be reversed.” Cardinal, who applied for MAiD and was declined, supports the UCP legislation.

Detransitioners and trans-regret need to be essential voices on this topic – and they’re the ones most ignored.

Does the United Church (March 15) think affirmation a kindness? 

A piece of pie won’t amend for this harvest of regrets. 

A reading of 1 Corinthians 5:11 might serve instead.

Tom Yeoman


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Tom, your common sense approach on the(se) issue(s) is not too common!

God does not make mistakes in our biological gender identity, and who are we to try to manipulate what is true and natural.

I believe, that quite quickly, the “Human Dignity” affirmation released by the Catholic Church (affecting/concerning 1.3 billion Catholics on the planet), will nutralize some of the transgender hype, as those will “let go and let God” be the author of our biological sexual design and that we should not be interferring.


“God does not make mistakes in our biological identity”. You clearly do not understand the natural world. As with previous requests to explain your stated opinion concerning gender affirmation , you have refused to answer.
So again, your expert opinion based in turn on a veterinarian’s opinion, is simply incorrect.
It may pain you to know, there are hundreds examples of intersex and homosexual behaviour in the animal kingdom including bonobos who share almost 99% of their DNA with us humans.
Concerning Yeoman’s letter, he references Corinthians 5 11 to justify his disdain for anyone exhibiting anything other than XX/XY behaviour. It is a repeated mantra from the last several years. At least we now know, based on 5 11, that he will not dine with anyone deemed deviant including those of an adulterous, incestuous , idolatrous or covetous nature.
Ongoing discussions concerning juveniles and hormone therapy are indeed warranted , but the problem is, Yeoman’s aversion to anything other than “straight” male/female, is concealed in carefully crafted notes referring to one segment of a marginalized sector of society.
Faith can be an extraordinary attribute , but is but one component of the 8 billion inhabitants of planet earth. To use this belief to justify vitriol aimed at a group and essentially ostracize persons simply for the perception of being “different”, is decidedly un-Christian. Others faiths exhibiting intolerance toward their fellow human beings are equally culpable.
Those churches and other communities embracing all genders are in my opinion, worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven. The letter writer and others of his ilk, may well be at the rear of the queue.

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Here is something more scientific and authenticated regarding Bonodos…. what say you to this more comprensive report, over your past dictated (false) comments:


BigBrit, Firstly, don’t attempt to “make a monkey” out of me…. your reference to “Bondos” is not new or relevant information. The “study” and unscientifically stated information was promogated by Frans B.M. de Waal in 1995. Mr. de Waal also wrote the book “Chimpanze Politics”.

In no way, do we/I accept a “theory” that the Bondo monkeys are homosexual as wildlife are NOT equal to humans. Wildlife are, admittedly driven by survival instincts that may in some instances result in cannabalism and exhibiting dominance in their particular species. Animals as well expeience “going in heat” seasons and this is all in effort of promoting/sustaining their existance in nature. Will, a Bondo “dry hump” one another as Frans de Waal reports? Probably, but does this suggest or prove a homosexual attribute? I think not. Noted that Mr. de Waal passed away in March of this year, so any attempt to question Mr. Frans de Waal on his personal theory, is not now possible.

BigBrit, if you are, as it appears, fascinated by one off “theories” and obscure books, have you considered “The Flat Earth Society”?

As for me, I accept, and have so for the past number of years, the fact that God made me a male and that he made my wife a female, we are quite satisfied in that regard.

Last edited 1 month ago by HaroldP

Most folk who are interested in primate biology know that de Waal wrote a personalized account of bonobos** much as Jane Goodall did for chimpanzees. There are several documented articles concerning sexual tendencies of bonobos* , male and female and whether you believe it or not , they are a close lineage to ourselves. It is not a “one – off theory”. That you choose to believe otherwise , so as not to defy your god, and attribute special status to us , go right ahead. Fact remains this “deviant” behaviour exists at all levels of the animal kingdom right up to the top – including us!

* For a complete picture of “same sex relationships” in bonobos , try, Scientific American, Discover. All three have articles on this subject. They have amongst other examples, one thing in common – both male and female bonobos engage in some form of same-sex sexual behaviour.

As to the Guardian article, this merely states what many have known regarding chimps (ask Jane Goodall) – they (bonobos can be aggressive – much like humans one could say. There is nothing in the article discounting homosexual activity.

Not read the “Flat Earth Society” , but I bet you are very familiar with it. After all, humans originally thought of the sun circling the earth, condemning anyone saying otherwise. And who oversaw the lust to deny such heretical thought ? The church of course.

Interesting you have still not addressed your erroneous suggestion that Freemartins and other intersex examples do not exist in nature. To repeat, you are grossly mistaken. That you are indeed a male and married to a female is really interesting , but so what.? That you are “satisfied” does not mean some others are. Nature does not always conform to your personalized bible-centric opinion. From 2015-2018 almost 900,000 Canadians over the age of 15 defined themselves as something other than heterosexual ( . Not exactly a”very minute number of humans” as you suggested a week ago.

**It is actually very relevant (reference to bonobos) , since it was you who initially mentioned animals and pets and the non association with same sex activity, citing a professional source stating that the act and mixed-gender anatomy does not exist based on their not having witnessed it. The old adage “Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence” would seem to be justified describing your contention.


“Let me tell you a story about the birds and the bees, the flowers and the trees….” is this the point that fascinates you “wild life association and mating profiles”? Shouldn’t you/us as homosapiens consider our chromozone composition? Are you/we “X” or “Y”…..
. there are no deviatations, “male or female” as per Devine creation.

God did not call to account wildlife of the animal kingdom rather as the Word states, He assembled all the animals 2 X 2, in the great ark, saving them from the flood. God however has also a standard of humans and our conduct, not limited to sexual activity, but most critical for us be saved, by our acceptance of the Lord Jesus Christ in our lives.

BigBrit, if you chose to run around chasing/believing obscure Ideologies.and deviant reports/books, a plethora exist, many that intentionally attempt to deny the Trinity and/or the Devine nature in general. That/those are the works of the evil one that the Holy Scriptures reveal.

*** According to Statistics Canada reported information, less than 3% of Canadian population purport to identify in one of the roughly 125 LGTBQ+ catagories.

Jesus came not to condem but to save, and today is the day of Salvation to those who have not yet accepted Him as their Lord and Savior.

Last edited 1 month ago by HaroldP

“deviant” sexual behaviour is merely determined as such by a society – little to nothing to do with any “natural” law. to expand, because most of a group prefer some things over other things, that does not make the majority preference more correct; it only means more folk have said preference. true deviance requires control only where the rights of others are concerned. you, nor any, have the right to exercise control over another.
keeps coming back to the same refrain: we each have the sole right to our preferences, and to our body, to the extent where the rights of others are not infringed upon.
from what i have read, i think that pretty much aligns with the one named jesus of 2000 years ago.
ironic that so-called followers of jesus act more like the power structure, controlling bums he took issue with.


You know , if you truly believe in the Ark and presumably its resting place on Mt Ararat, then what is the point of attempting a rational discussion with you? Do you really believe that two of each and every species , including those extinct in the last two millennia, really, really boarded a wooden boat whilst the lord enacted his/her vengeance ? Don’t you understand that some (lions) eat other critters (impalas), thus reducing those now consumed individual twosomes leading to them becoming extinct before the ending of the flood?
“Obscure ideologies”? Oh you mean using facts rather than unwavering faith ? And BTW, yet another error from you: “Aneuploidy” refers to those born with additional X or Y chromosomes, defying your so called Devine creation. Don’t tell me, these are the workings of the “evil one”.
Thankfully, there are many “faiths” or individuals that are embracing these ideological inadequacies of yours and actually doing work that Jesus himself would be proud. (The United Church or Unitarian Universalists to name a couple)
Still nothing from you concerning your suggestion a week ago that all things (cattle , sheep etc) are always male or female. No surprise there.
Funny you mention “obscure ideologies”: You really should try looking in a mirror when you utter that phrase. What you see reflected might cause some alarm.
***Finally: 3% of 33.3 million (the population over 15 years of age) = surprise, surprise 900,000.

Last edited 1 month ago by BigBrit

Amazing Grace” my friend and the salvation after a dreadful life of sin, how John Newton was changed in his conversion to Christianity. If you refuse to believe John Newton’s testamony, perhaps you should dig a bit deeper and more contemporary and read “Cold-Case Christianity” written by Homocide detective Warner Wallace. For your information J. Warner Wallace was a devout athesist who rejected Christianity entirely. However his life changed and he accepted the Lord after his critical investigative study of the Christian faith, documents, testamonies, artifacts etc.

Last edited 1 month ago by HaroldP

Sure HP , and there are plenty of so called Christians who lose their faith. Typically, you refuse to answer my question from earlier comments and segue into this latest useless monologue.


BigBrit, do you refuse to consider the factual accounts of J. Warner Wallace in his book “Cold Case Christianity” or a score of other books written by former “diehard” atheists who after their investigation and or encounter(s) with Jesus Christ, accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour….if that isn’t enough to shake your socks off, try browsing confirmed medical events where patients had near death experiences and/or those, both young and old who did die and came back to life. BigBrit, I too have a personal testimony and a life changing (heart) after receiving the Lord Jesus Christ in my life. Very real, very powerful and very thankful!

Last edited 29 days ago by HaroldP

looking forward to the toronto tv series spin-off of “cold case christianity.” about how high up the tower should the cross-beam go?


Biff *(et’ al) you have obviously no interest in true factual account(s) do you? Since Mr. Wallace is still alive, and now is accedited with his Master’s Degree in Theological Studies, why don’t you contact him and directly challenge him on his book, Faith and life? Otherwise, keep your “your cheap shots” to yourself! I absolutely believe that you have no idea how deep the water is that you will be diving into! And who is it that you say Jesus is again please?

Dennis Bremner


Last edited 1 month ago by Dennis Bremner

and all your condemnations are not interfering with others?


good old corinthians for some real god assured advice. why not reference whatever book one wishes to call the word of a god so as to underscore intolerance. the holy bible, while providing some snippets of ancient history and even some moments of wisdom, cannot be proven to be the word of any god. indeed, there is much therein that would make a god seem utterly foolish, simple.
given the cornithians reference, why not have tom and harold dine together at the children’s table, and whomever else shares intolerance and exhibits an utter lack of ability to reason and navigate in grey areas. the rest of us will be most happy to dine at the adult table, safely away from copious food spittle emanating from the self righteous and ignorant proclamations.of the so-called followers of jesus.

Last edited 1 month ago by biff

Biff and your persona attempts in this thread are not gaining any ground towards recognizing your need to acknowledge, truthfully who you say Jesus is. Regarding the Ark and the animal carriage, the Bible says it, I believe it, that settles it.


Religious authoritarians in government with a penchant for moral sadism attempting to social engineer Alberta. Why is The Handmaid’s Tale starting to look like a documentary?


this is one of better entries, as sophie…wish me as biff could have come up with this 🙂

Dennis Bremner

. Its funny how Gender identity has nothing to do with sex, yet everyone suggesting an endless supply of gender identities tend to use models of deviations “in sex” as the supporting reason for this turmoil in their bodies?
So some simple questions to anyone!
1) If someone identifies as a woman, when they are a man, should I bend my moral compass and address the man as “she” if thats their chosen “gender identity”? Does the identity- also overlap into sexual activity,because thats the underlying question that leads to others?
2) If Gender identity has “everything to do with sex” am I not supporting a charade of deceit perpatrated on men, by openly supporting a man who is hiding more than his identity by claiming to be a woman?
3) If someone who identifies as a woman (who is male) takes up the clothing of a female and truly believes they are female, why do they not act like a female? You can trust me on this one, I have been in every port in Europe on ships and submarines, I can truly say, that the overall nature of a male acting like a female is over the top, in fact fits my descriptor of a Firefly on Crack. So why is it, that if a man decides he is female, he can’t act like one? Case in point- If I identify as a stop sign, I would not be actually “acting like” other stop signs if I did not stand on a road! I mean if I stood, in my backyard all day, how is that, “being a stop sign, because I identify as such? So acting like the gender you suggest you are surely must be part of the “thing”?
4) You may be shocked but the use of Bonobo’s as an example – the connection is “sex” the act of intercourse is what you are quoting here. Bonobo’s were not sited as an example of Monkey’s that get p*ssed off because they get misidentified, right?
5) If a person identifies as a pubesent child as an adult, what does that invoke, in your mind, child molestation or celebacy?
6) Do you personally have any limits as to genders? So is 2 spirited Penquin on the table? Do I have to ensure raw fish is always on the menu and available cold swimming pool in time. Or is this just the search for permission for acceptability in a deviation from “normal” sex?
7) Trudeau stated the Gov should not be in the bedrooms of Canucks! Governments should not tell you who you should love. There is a professor who supposedly having sex with his dog, He apparently was video’d by a trail cam flitting about naked chasing his dog. If this person identifies as a dog? Have they commited a crime? Could he then skirt the beastality laws because the Gov says they cannot tell people who they can and cannot love, and ” Dog on Dog ” is not a crime, right!
8) How do you stop, identity from moving into physical sex if identity is harmless?
9) Lastly- If this has nothing to do with sex! A Man sued Ontario (and won) because he wants to retain his penis and have them create him a Vagina? Is the purpose to just “feel okay in his body”? Name a species of human (not a deformity) that has both? Which crowd is he trying to fit into, because this has nothing to do with whom his pool of partners will be, correct? Its gender, not Futanari, right?
10) Did the Supreme Court of Ontario just create another “sex” Male/Female with a new primary Gender- Futanari?
11) While you are at it, perhaps a comment on “what” we as a society are doing to women and thier rights?
I truly am asking, just assume I am an ill informed senior (which would be correct), limited education (which would also be correct), an agnostic (ditto on correctness), think churches are becoming bendy, (ditto again) a confirmed a$$hole (verifed by Mr. James, Lethbridge, AB), and would like you to answer number by number.
PS I am truly trying to fit into this new wokey, bendy, pride in body count, young girls celebrating on Social Media the number of BJ’s they have given, or how many times they have had “all” their holes filled ! ,……
PPS The good news, for me, is I am almost dead! I would have thought there must be something out there in this vast world that is still MY HUMAN RIGHT? But, I guess not?

Last edited 1 month ago by Dennis Bremner

not that i think people need to post/advertise their entire life story, day by day, event by event, photo by photo on the likes of farcebook, but there is something good to be found in the liberation of people from the oppression of social conditioning, politics, and useless conventions where preferences and one’s right to their body and choices and conscience are concerned.


In all due respect, let me paraphrase what you just posted. “I absolutely have no clue what I am talking about”!


again, despite what you pretend to stand for, you are about power and control. thus, the sentence in quotations above is a perfect synopsis of your limited ability to think freely and to acknowledge what it is you actually believe and practice. to that end, you use your religion as a means and basis for subverting the right we each have to our opinions, preferences, choices, conscience and body. i suppose, then, your take on god is that he is a fascist.

Last edited 28 days ago by biff

I truly know who my God is, but who do you say Jesus Christ is?

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