May 30th, 2024

Conservatives will continue to offer solutions to preserve the environment

By Lethbridge Herald on May 8, 2024.


Regarding the state funeral for former prime minister Brian Mulroney, 

Watch Hon. Jean Charest’s eulogy starting at 2:41.00. Don’t let anyone, especially Justin Trudeau and the Liberals, ever tell you that Conservatives don’t care about the environment because we care. 

Brian Mulroney and the PC party were decades ahead of the others on environmental, acid rain, renewable water and clean air issues. 

I worked for the Hon. Bill Yurko, a former Minister of the Environment in the provincial cabinet of Alberta Premier Peter Lougheed.  Alberta was also way ahead of other jurisdictions on environmental issues.

Alberta’s Eastern Slopes, water conservation and land reclamation policies were environmental game changers and all ahead of their time. I write this because as Conservatives we are often criticised and demonized by Justin Trudeau, the Liberals and others who accuse Conservatives of not caring for our natural environment. 

This is simply not true.

Never forget that the root of the word Conservative is “conserve.”

Conservation is one of many challenges of the future.  It’s what we will do as Conservatives to face the issues and problems facing Canadians, just as we faced them forty years ago. with Prime Minister Mulroney and Premier Lougheed. 

We will confront the issues head on and offer workable, practical, common sense solutions that preserve our environment, our history and traditions within the parameters of Conservative principles and philosophy that respect the environment: the land on which we stand; the water we drink; and air we breathe.

Jerry D. Kovacs



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Kal Itea

Conservatives before Stephen Harper were OK.

Your party is being hijacked by right wing insurrectionists like Pierre P, and you know it.

Last edited 22 days ago by Kal Itea
Guy Lethbridge

I do not disagree with anything in this letter … I’d take Brian M back in a second if that’s what Conservatives were today ….

Kal Itea’s comment is spot on.

Last edited 21 days ago by Guy Lethbridge
Southern Albertan

The days of good, progressive, fiscal conservatism appear to be now, of yore. Now, we face the troubling authoritarian, dominionist, ultra right wing politics of the Smith/Parker UCP/TBA and the trump-style politics of the federal Poilievre so-called conservatives. It is heartening to know that more and more folks are understanding the difference now. Right wing politics has changed, drastically, and not, for the better.

Fedup Conservative

You are absolutely right Jerry. Conservatives do care about Global Warming but these aren’t Conservatives they are Reformers pretending they are Conservatives and they don’t care and are hellbent on destroying everything the Conservatives have created for the good of the people. It’s been their mandate since they were created by Preston Manning and Stephen Harper. The conservative MLAs I got to know certainly knew it. Lougheed’s energy minister, Bill Dickie, whom you would know, was a brother in-law of one of my uncles. As members of the oil industry point out if Harper had implemented the Carbon Tax that the conservatives had created Obama would approved the Keystone XL pipeline and it would have been a huge windfall for Albertans. Telling the world that Canadians don’t care about climate change like Reformer Pierre Poilievre is wanting to do is just plain stupid when the world does care. Scrapping the green energy will put Albertans years behind the rest of the world.

Fedup Conservative

Harper was elected in Calgary as a Reformer. He like Poilievre he has never been a true Conservative. He was selling Reform Party Memberships for Jason Kenney when he was 16 years old in Calgary.


A requiem for the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada was sung more than a decade ago. Moreover, exactly what are these “workable, practical, common sense solutions…that respect the environment” given the leader of the party is touring the country with his “axe the tax” rhetoric?

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