June 23rd, 2024

Salaries and pensions more important to UCP than serving Albertans

By Lethbridge Herald on June 2, 2024.


Are you pleased with what is happening in this great province?  Well, I for one,  am not!

We have a premier that wants to tear us apart, even though the people of this province have risen up in numerous protests, letters, e-mails, etc. But still she wants to dictate her wishes upon our population.

What makes Danielle Smith think that she can set aside and overrule the towns and  cities that have duly elected their representatives?  And, how can she think she can go against the wishes of the populace?

All  members of this provincial government need a reality check! 

What an absolute horrid abomination this regime under Danielle Smith is and, yes, I do say regime, as I haven’t heard any word from her cowardly little minions, anywhere in this province, that will disagree with anything that she has said, or proposed. 

I guess their salaries and  pensions are more important than serving the people who unfortunately elected them.

Kirby  Doktor


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Did you ever hear any of Notley’s “minions” stand up and disagree with her. Nope. 🤯

Fedup Conservative

No they were former Conservatives and agreed with everything she was doing just like our former Conservative MLAs were stating, so why didn’t you help us support her? She wasn’t a Reformer wanting to take over complete control of everything the Conservatives had created for the good of the people like Smith is wanting to do. Isn’t it too bad you aren’t smart enough to understand it?


Blathering nonsense. Lol. And as usual you have to take a shot at the personal level. Let’s see another tirade about Lougheed and the oilman friends. GO!!!!!!!

Fedup Conservative

Yet once again no one agrees with you and you aren’t smart enough to get the message that you are the one who is wrong, just like you and the rest of your Reform Party friends isn’t it?

Fedup Conservative

While we are finding more and more of our fellow seniors telling us they wished they had never elected these Reform Party morons we continue to find a handful of fools providing their insane comments trying to defend their stupidity. It doesn’t matter how many people point out how ignorant they are in their weak pathetic minds they are right and everyone else is wrong. I think it’s hilarious watching them prove how ignorant they are, don’t you? You can bet they will elect Pierre Poilievre then wished they hadn’t just like they did with Danielle Smith.


the bobble-headed “minions” concern represents a massive issue with our eroded democracy. salaries and perks are so bountiful for those in govt office that being a party whip may never have been easier. one of the checks and balances in our system is supposed to be the idea that mps/mlas/mnas are supposed to represent their riding. however, that hardly happens, as they cow to the central office of their party, which in turn cows to the wealthiest string pullers that most control the flow of public wealth and economic policies.
great job being a highly paid, bobble-headed minion. do very little, and rake in very much.

Southern Albertan

An indication of whether Albertans are pleased with the Smith/Parker UCP/TBA:
“Albertans unhappy with province’s Bill 20, Leger poll shows. A new leger polls shows Bills 18, 20 and 21 all fail to hold the support of a majority of Albertans, with strong opposition to measures designed to create municipal political parties or give cabinet the power to dismiss a mayor or a councillor.”


Yup, must be the reason that the whole of our country is admiring Alberta and families/business are moving here in groves.

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