July 12th, 2024

Grassy Mountain project not in the interests of Albertans

By Lethbridge Herald on July 5, 2024.


 Iam shocked to see that the Grassy Mountain mountaintop removal mine project, which was soundly rejected by both the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) and fderal regulators in 2021 is now back before the AER under the guise of an “advanced project.”

 This slight-of-hand is being performed by Northback, a renamed version of Benga Mining, still owned by the same Australian billionaire, Gina Rinehart. That this project is back before the AER is an abomination, and not in the interest of Albertans.

The people of Alberta have not been properly informed of these developments and many are still unaware of this situation. 

The already rejected Grassy Mountain coal project proposed in the headwaters of the Oldman River will poison the only water we have here in Lethbridge, where I live with my family. 

The Oldman River provides 100 per cent of our water for drinking, bathing, and irrigation. 

We have no other water. This river system crosses the prairies and provides water for many downstream communities, including Medicine Hat and Saskatoon. 

The proposed coal development plans to annex water from the Oldman River to process coal, diminishing the river and exposing all downstream to dangerous chemical substances such as selenium and heavy metals. 

This mining process harms the environment irretrievably, literally chopping up mountains and spitting them into slag heaps exposed to the elements, profoundly damaging river and other ecosystems. Coal dust will be moved by the powerful winds that blow through this area and will be spread over land and snowpack, further poisoning the environment and waters. 

This damage is predicted to continue for centuries to come. Selenium contamination has not been successfully managed in the Elk River Valley of BC despite costly attempts to do so, and repeated fines to the mining company responsible. 

The Elk River is no longer potable, and fish are being adversely affected. The water table in the Livingstone Range at the headwaters of the Oldman River feeds springs and aquifers in the foothills and makes these lands so rich and precious for ranching and farming. This land is sacred to its Indigenous peoples who have been its stewards for millennia.

It is outrageous and unconscionable that this project would be permitted to happen for short-term gain and for the profit of an Australian billionaire. Water is our most precious resource, along with air and soil and plant and animal ecosystems. Without clean water, there is no life. 

That this company and the current government have so little regard for life is appalling. We must share our concerns with all levels of government.

Annie Martin 


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“We the people” voted the MAGA party (sorry Ms Smith et al) into the business of running this province. One gets what one wishes for, it would seem.
But will the electors remember in 3 1/2 years time?

Last edited 7 days ago by BigBrit

It is astounding that this government bypasses the decision by a privincial/federal commission to protect the interest of downstream users – that’s us.

A recent legal effort to uncover what this government was trying to hide indicates a troubling relationship between the UCP and foreign coal.

While the rest of the world scrambles to lower emissions, the UCP wants to open coal mines – a common theme for these people.

Fedup Conservative

It doesn’t matter how many times you tell these fools,Reformers, you don’t want something they refuse to listen and the fools who are supporting them are no different . While Jason Kenney was feeding us the lie that Coal mining was being done safely in B.C. and we should be allowing it in Alberta also we learned that Tech Coal was fined $60 million for polluting rivers and streams in B.C.and Montana that’s how stupid these Reformers are.while they try to pretend they are Conservatives they don’t care that Lougheed was smart enough to protect us ,destroying what Conservatives created for the good of the people is all they care about. The big question is what are they being paid under the table for allowing this to happen, isn’t it? While Jason Kenney and Sonja Savage were trying to ram it down our throats, now it’s Danielle Smith and Brian Jean so what’s into for them, wouldn’t you Ike to know? Singer Corb Lund has been trying to get it stopped and we need to help him.
“Coal company Tech fined $60m for contaminating rivers in southeastern B.C. “


There is some inconsistency between the zeal many of our commenters have for hiring more police to do whatever with our homeless and addicts, but wringing hands about taxpayer dollars when it comes to hiring police to investigate fraud and corruption in resource extraction. The first is a nuisance, the latter is for a livable future.

Fedup Conservative

I wonder how many of these Reform Party supporters would like to see themselves forced to buy bottled water if these fools allow it to be contaminated? Just ask Calgarians what their recent water disaster did to them?
You can bet that if they are dumb enough to elect Reformer Pierre Poilievre they could see themselves paying for an American Style heath care system at $800. to $1,000. per month each. Why would you risk voting for that?
It’s a well know fact that the Reform Party Mandate has always been about Privatization of Health Care and Education Systems while they help the rich steal the peoples wealth. It’s the main reason why Preston Manning was never elected as Prime Minister, Canadians knew what he stood for.

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