July 15th, 2024

Astronomy society creates model of the solar system in the city

By Lethbridge Herald on July 6, 2024.


To help us appreciate the distance amongt the planets and their size the Lethbridge Astronomy Society has created a model of the solar system. The kiosk at the downtown Royal Bank of Canada opposite the Post Office explains the nature of the model. 

The dome of the post office tower with a diameter of 5.5 metres represents the Sun. The size and distance of the eight planets were calculated relative to this Lethbridge “Sun.“

 This placed the orbit of Mercury at the public library, Venus opposite Southminster Church, Earth and Moon on 3rd St. and 4th Ave. near the fire hall, Mars at Galt Museum, Jupiter on the patio of the Science Commons building of the U of L, Saturn at the Chinook High School, Uranus at Broxburn Cafe and Neptune at Park Lake. 

We invite you to make a family visit to this model of the solar system. You will experience the distance of Earth from the “Sun.”

 It would take 170 years to drive to the Sun at highway speeds. You will be surprised that it will take astronauts six months to reach “Mars” at the Galt museum. 

The size of space in our galaxy and universe is beyond comprehension, but your visit to this model will help. Enjoy the longest trip of your lifetime this summer.

Klaus Jericho


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Kudos to you people! What a cool idea! Gives the science-uneducated (and there is lots out there) some kind of measuring stick as to how small we really are in the bigger picture!

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