January 20th, 2021

Prorogation a grand coverup

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on September 4, 2020.

As we begin to shift from summer to fall, many are also sensing a change in the political atmosphere of our nation.

Though the last federal election was less than a year ago, a lot has transpired in our country over the past 10 months. Even though Canadians decided to give Justin Trudeau a second chance, it would seem many are experiencing buyer’s remorse.

Trudeau is being investigated for a third time and perhaps that’s the magic number. As a whole, Canadians are optimistic and quick to forgive, but their patience seems to be wearing thin.

The prime minister is being investigated by the Ethics Commissioner for giving $912 million to the WE Charity Foundation, an organization that has warmly handed almost a half million dollars to Trudeau’s mom, brother and wife.

On Aug. 18, just one week before MPs were scheduled to ask the prime minister questions in the House of Commons and one day before the Ethics Committee was scheduled to receive documents outlining precisely how much money the prime minister’s family had received in speaking fees from WE Charity, Trudeau shut everything down by proroguing Parliament. It’s absolutely shameful.

Unlike the dissolution of Parliament, which occurs right before an election, a prorogation is the end of a parliamentary session. This is not just a pause, or a recess, as some would believe. It is a complete restart.

This means all committee studies that were underway and all documents that were ordered over the summer are now cancelled. Business has been terminated. Justin Trudeau is giving himself a clean slate. Christmas has come early for the prime minister – or so he thinks!

Parliament is prorogued by the Governor General on the advice of the prime minister until a set date. That date is scheduled for Sept. 23, when a Speech from the Throne will be delivered to outline the government’s agenda for the next session.

It is important to note that Trudeau could have prorogued Parliament on Sept. 22 and delivered a throne speech the next day. It is highly suspect that he chose to shut everything down as quickly as possible, thereby handcuffing the opposition parties and providing cover for his government.

Many are speculating the prime minister is orchestrating this so that an election will be called before the findings of the WE scandal investigation are exposed by the Ethics Commissioner. Generally, a Speech from the Throne results in a confidence vote, which could trigger an election if the majority of MPs do not have confidence in the prime minister.

Justin Trudeau is being investigated by the Ethics Commissioner for the third time. He was found guilty on both previous accounts. It makes sense that he would want an election now and not in the spring after the truth has been exposed.

We are still in the midst of a global pandemic, the prime minister is embroiled in scandal and his right-hand man, the finance minister, just left him. His government is in chaos and he desperately needs a fresh start.

While the Liberals continue to play political hide and seek, well, >just hiding really, Conservatives >are continuing to push for answers and are focused on >uncovering >the truth.

The Conservative team has a new leader who is ready to fight for Canadians! Erin O’Toole has a positive vision for our country – one that unites Canadians from coast to coast and will get Canada back on track.

O’Toole is a devoted family man who represents the riding of Durham, Ont. He served in the Royal Canadian Armed Forces for 12 years before retiring to work in the private sector as a corporate lawyer. He is a founding member of the board of directors for the True Patriot Love Foundation, a charity that serves veterans and military families across Canada.

Erin has been elected three times and he has earned the trust and confidence of our caucus. He is a team player who will work collaboratively and pull on the strengths of others. He has a bold and positive vision for our country and he has the experience necessary to lead both nationally and on the world stage.

Our team is working hard to become the government Canadians deserve – a government that puts people first.

People elect Conservatives because they expect us to develop policy that will grow the economy and create jobs. They expect us to balance the books, stand up for victims, care for families, advocate for seniors, lower taxes and deliver services with excellence.

They expect us to do this all while being mindful of the cost and size of government.

People elect Conservatives because they expect us to be principled, hard-working, strong leaders. They expect us to listen intently and act wisely – to be true public servants.

As the local Member of Parliament for Lethbridge, I desire to meet with my constituents, listen to their concerns, and work toward positive change at home and across the country.

It is in times of change when Canadians have the greatest opportunity to have their voices heard. It is the people of this country who will determine the direction we take politically. I know Canadians want what is best for themselves and their families. On the whole, we value honesty, truth and freedom. This brings me a real sense of optimism and hope.

I believe our future is great! Let’s build it together.

Rachael Harder is the Conservative MP for Lethbridge. Her column appears monthly.

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Southern Albertan

It may be a suggestion to remember how Parliament was prorogued 4 times during the Harper regime era. The 2008 one was particularly controversial.
This ridiculous pointing of fingers between the Conservatives and Liberals merely adds to the ongoing state described in ‘Mouseland’ basically indicating that they are as bad as one another. It also describes a false dichotomy that there are only 2 political parties in Canada, neither of which meets our needs. It aptly describes them as black cats and white cats, all cats, who, of course, aren’t much good for most of the rest of us, the mice.
This ongoing toxic back and forth between the old, tired, entitled Conservatives and the Liberals needs a shakeup. They, both, have had their ample scandals over the years.


How many times did Stephen Harper prorogue parliament?
BTW, if you, as a Conservative, are big on advocating, please advise how you are advocating for your constituents. A few examples come to mind:
How are you advocating for retaining publicly funded long term care for seniors to prevent private takeover of this essential service?
How are you advocating for quality publicly funded health care and education?
How are you advocating for environmental protections?
How are you advocating for victims of systemic racism?
How are you advocating for the victims of trickle-down neoliberal political theories?
What is your principled plan of action going to be?
I am one of your constituents.
Are you listening?


Yes the whataboutism from those that detest Harder and in love with the juvenile sock boy greasing his friends to the tune of 43 million is obvious. Blindly ignoring the country has been led by fiat since March


Assumptions and ad hominem.


once again, democracy is undermined by folk that remain steadfast supporters of a party name…not even a political ideology, just a name that suggests an ideology. prorogues by con-named govts are ok for con-supporting “voters”, and prorogues by lib-named govts are ok for lib-supporting “voters”. fools.
btw: proroguing has no place in govt, and when always rubber stamped by the gov-gen, we should come to learn that the gov-gen has no place in our govt, despite it being the supposed place where assent to laws is given…a rubber stamp always, means the gov-gen is one expensive piece of rubber-ish.
great replies from so.ab and imo

Last edited 4 months ago by biff

rubber-ish – Brilliant!