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Arrival of vaccines means we can fight back

By Lethbridge Herald Opinion on January 15, 2021.

The continued arrival of COVID-19 vaccinations means we are now able to fight back against the pandemic.

Almost one month ago, the first Albertan was immunized against COVID-19. Since then, Alberta Health Services (“AHS”) has steadily increased immunizations to take full use of the supply of vaccines in Alberta, beginning with those highest at risk. AHS priority list starts with health-care workers in ICUs, COVID-19 units, medical units, surgical units and operating rooms, residents and staff in long term care and designated supportive living facilities and, most recently, paramedics and emergency medical technicians. Alberta’s success against the pandemic will be the result of careful planning by our COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force (chaired by retired Lt. Gen. Paul Wynnyk), Minister of Health Tyler Shandro, and Chief Medical Officer Deena Hinshaw.

With a strong focus on vaccinating those working on the front-lines and those who are the most vulnerable, we can better protect our communities and move towards getting back to normal activities as safely and quickly as possible. As of January 12, more than 78 percent of the vaccines we have received have been administered to vulnerable Albertans and health-care workers. As of Jan. 11, 52,318 doses of the vaccine have been administered in Alberta which amounts to 1,183 doses per 100,000 people.

I want to emphasize: The rollout of vaccinations is a function of the supply we receive. And we continue to prioritize our most vulnerable citizens and those working on the front lines. We have recently made changes to this list, at the advice of our health care professionals, by adding paramedics and the COVID-19 Unit teams as well as all those who work in hospitals including cleaners and support staff.

In December, we announced that rapid testing would expand to include vulnerable Albertans and those living in long-term care and supportive living facilities. Thanks to the hard work of our health-care workers, these rapid-testing programs have been a success.

Now, moving into 2021, I am happy to see that we are well into our phased approach to vaccination. Again, our priority is our most vulnerable population and health care workers; however, as more and more people in these categories receive the vaccine, eligibility will continue to expand as more vaccines arrive.

In February, we will begin vaccinating seniors aged 75 and over, residents aged 65 and over living on First Nations reserves and Metis settlements, and health care workers in medical, surgical, and COVID-19 units or operating rooms. The next steps are dependent on the number of vaccine doses we receive from the federal government which is critical since we can only work with the number of doses we receive.

As the vaccine rollout continues to gain efficiencies and proficiencies, opportunities to bring additional groups in sooner will unfold. These efficiencies and proficiencies are directly the result of our health-care workers who are doing a great job of getting the vaccines out to Albertans. Their hard work, dedication, and commitment to making this a safe and efficient process for everyone is commendable.

The bottom line is this: we’re ramping capacity and we’re doing everything possible to roll out life-saving vaccines as quickly as they arrive.

For those still waiting patiently for their vaccination, I encourage you to hold on just a little longer as we ensure our most vulnerable and those taking care of them are protected.

For further information please visit or call 310-4455 within Alberta.

I am hopeful for our future, and I am incredibly grateful to everyone for doing their part since the start of the pandemic. I know life has not been easy – especially during the holidays – but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you to everyone for doing your part to protect our most vulnerable, keep cases down, and support your local communities.

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Southern Albertan

…and things could have been a lot better, i.e.less incidences of COVID, and deaths, if the Kenney UCP had implemented short, sharp, strict restrictions a lot sooner. This epistle on vaccines does not take away from this Kenney UCP bungling.


Read some non-propaganda on vaccines, particularly viral vaccines. Totally harmful.




the arrival of vaccines means we could also be poisoned…yet again. i’ll copy here what i entered as a response to a letter…you’ll want to get busy again with your quickie “-” response.
not sure why the unbridled faith in pharm. their combined past is loaded with so-called meds that have caused far more harm than not. these have not been a one-off, but continue today. the synthetic opium scam – lovingly coined “opioids” – is one of the latest and most massive. but let us not forget the oh-too-many others. here is a top ten in terms of cost
then, there is this lengthy wiki list
and, we have not even discussed the mass drugging of little kids and teens with the likes of ritalin, adderall, concerta, dexedrine…well the list is a long one; but, don’t forget to add the likes of a variety of ssri drugs that they are often combined with, that have mind altering and physical effects that are more profound than lsd and psilocybin.
add to the horrific, sordid mess the savage abuse rendered to sentient creatures in order to create the frankensteinian cash cows, and the pharm industry is woefully beyond redemption. i support every person’s right to be the final decision maker with regard to their life and their body. however, to support the torture and abuse of animals is despicable. and, given the industry’s penchant for profit over all things, and the resulting litany of poisons they have put to market, i suggest the covid vaccines are a risky bet, and like all animal tested products, come with bad karma.