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A day of reckoning may be near

By Lethbridge Herald Opinion on May 5, 2021.

With COVID-19 infection rates reaching new and unprecedented heights with almost every passing week in Alberta, a day of reckoning with the pandemic may indeed be close at hand for many Albertans.
As we progress through COVID’s “third wave” in the province, it is readily becoming apparent that this wave may very well be the worst we’ve experienced since the pandemic began, with variants spreading rapidly throughout the population and infection numbers setting records every week.
So what accounts for this dramatic rise in infections? Part of the answer can certainly be traced back to our own behaviour. COVID “fatigue” is no small contributing factor, and all of us have experienced it to one degree or another as we push well beyond a year since the pandemic began.
Some Albertans who might have been frightened by the virus or more willing to follow COVID restrictions in early 2020 have reverted back to an uncooperative status; many are now directly opposed or actively engaged in defying public health orders, as we saw with the crowds that attended an anti-lockdown rodeo event held near Bowden on the weekend.
The numbers battle the province has been waging – vaccinations versus daily infections – was originally held up as the key to wrestling COVID into submission in Alberta, and the gateway to a restrictions-free summer.
Those hopes are fast fading on the heels of four-figure daily case counts and highly-infectious variants. While shots are still reaching arms like never before the vaccination campaign doesn’t appear to be making a huge dent in the present figures, at least in the short term.
When you hear politicians talking about things like “herd immunity” that’s largely an admission of failure in their prevention efforts.
In order to achieve it, viruses pretty much run rampant through a population until they can no longer be transmitted. Just how many statistical deaths that might represent doesn’t usually factor when politicians try to put a positive spin on a pandemic.
Premier Jason Kenney’s UCP government has implemented more restrictions, but judging by the behaviour of many Albertans, additional rules or even a “circuit breaker” lockdown might be ignored by a significant percentage of people. Which brings us back around to the sticky question of enforcement.
While we can sympathize with why law enforcement has so far been hesitant, reluctant, or very cautious in issuing COVID tickets or laying charges in these situations, perhaps it is time the kid gloves came off. Warnings and risk of prosecution were generally effective in March 2020, but without the backing of the long arm of the law in May 2021 restrictions have become a laughing stock to many.
If we’re not willing to enforce the letter of the law in the midst of a global pandemic, then what purpose do these laws actually serve?

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Les Elford

Yes , you are probably right. A “reckoning” may be on it’s way, Yes those you blatantly break the laws or the rules Should have consequences applied. I wonder, if like many things the 80/20 rule applies.
I would suggest the majority of the population recognizes the severity and the need to abide and comply with health and safety restrictions for the benefit of all. It appears (rightly or wrongly ) the majority always has to live (through no fault of their own) with the consequence of the non compliance from the minority.
I wonder if what we are seeing through non compliance is; a reflection …. a mirror image of what is being exhibited by so called leaders, also know as politicians, who for some reason have been allowed to get way with non compliance, non disclosure, (Coal Mining) speaking untruths, refusal to accept responsibility and accountability for their actions and mistakes, using the blame game always and not abiding by their own rules and regulations (Christmas holiday fiascoes) being forced to tow the party line, dogma and ideology (even when they disagree with it personally) for the sake of irrelevant /outdated party ideology and not for the overall benefit of their constituents.
Please do not misunderstand; I am not defending or encouraging law breaking, but I would suggest social disorder appears to be on the increase worldwide. I just wonder sometimes whether we are focusing on the correct .perpetrator. Especially when; most engaging in this behavior are; upright, normal, law abiding, tax paying citizens who may….. just may…. feel their fundamental rights are being trampled on and that democracy as we once understood it …. is evaporating before our eyes, primarily due to laws and legislation these politicians introduce.( Bill C- 10?).
I wonder whether it is possible the behavior we are witnessing by the few “so – called radicals” is in reality a direct reflection of what they witness and observe our so called leaders getting away with unsanctioned, undisciplined and in some cases rewarded for. The Federal and Provincial government in Canada are both complicit in this type of behavior. If they don’t want to talk about the WE charity/scandal, SNL, and or the sexual abuse in the military they don’t.
My wish is the “reckoning” and or “great reset” which these politician’s keep talking about and are planning; never takes place the way they envision; and that power real power and democracy…… real democracy is returned to the people. Great historical minds have stated the people have always had the power. The issue /problem is we gave it away to the politicians.
I do not believe what these people are doing is right or the answer, but they simply see their “leaders” doing it and getting away with it …. so are possibly simply saying; why not, if they can do it and get away with it , why can’t I?

Seth Anthony

“My wish is the “reckoning” and or “great reset” which these politician’s keep talking about and are planning; never takes place the way they envision; and that power real power and democracy…… real democracy is returned to the people. Great historical minds have stated the people have always had the power. The issue /problem is we gave it away to the politicians.”

“Real democracy”. Direct democracy as is utilized in Switzerland?

Last edited 2 years ago by Seth Anthony

Here is a question that begs an answer. How come it is safe to shop at Costco with 124 people, but you can not dine with 30 people on a patio which has 8 square metres per person


No need to panic. Take your Vitamin D. And watch this video on the difference between a virus strain and a variant.
Also please note that according to the Alberta government’s own COVID stats, covid death – if they were ever high! – are down 80% from December and January. Only “cases” that are going up. And a case is just that – a case. It’s only a sickness of symptoms are present. Positive tests are very ambiguous. They can be anything. They can pick virtually anything if they run the amplification cycle high enough. Stop the fearmongering and the propaganda. Do your own research. And Lethbridge Hearld editorial staff: DO NOT REMOVE THIS POST!
Thank you
Michael Breukelman,


As I slip on my comfortable pair of Nike sneakers and sip on a cold glass of Kool Aid, I gaze blankly into the night sky for that bright comet streaking across the starry heavens.


Watch this from Dr. Eric Berg:


Now let me give a little analogy. You go to your doctor because you’re sick. Your doctor gives a medicine and perhaps makes a few suggestions to help recover. You take the drug a follow his advice. You find out it’s not working or it’s just getting worse. You go back to your doctor and tell him, or maybe you just cease taking his drug and advice on your own. But let’s say you go back to him and tell him. What do you think? Is he gonna double down on you and insist you keep taking his medicine and advice or else!! Or maybe he’ll say, “Okay, we need to try something else.”? I sure hope the latter will be the case! But that’s not at all what our chief “docs” are doing right now! Over the last year we’ve seen medical health officers and politicians implement more and more protocols in an effort to “stop the spread”. But has it worked? Why, only when the “first wave’ was coming to a close and things seemed to be improving somewhat just on time for summer – why only then did mandatory mask wearing mandates start popping up everywhere? And what followed? The “second wave”! Why, after all these mask wearing laws came in, was there a “second wave”? Isn’t that what mask wearing was supposed to prevent? Why didn’t it? And why was the “second wave” worse than the first? Things got worse, NOT better! After the “second wave” MORE restrictions. Then what happened? The “third wave”! And the “third wave” was worse than the “second wave”! If things are really getting worse with all these restrictions and mandates, why do we still insist on them or else!? Because it’s not about “the virus”, people. It NEVER WAS! It’s all about tyranny, power and control. Wake up Lethbridge and Alberta!!

Michael Breukelman


You’re a deluded mess!