May 20th, 2024

Make your vote count on Oct. 18

By Brian Hancock, Lethbridge Herald publisher on October 14, 2021.

I realize we are all “election worn out” … two elections in such a short period of time, contentious issues left, right and centre (literally and politically) but now, more than ever, it’s time to put on your game face and get out to vote.
When the dust settles on Oct. 18 we will have a new mayor and at least four new councillors.
Depending on who gets in we could have a council with a majority of rookies. You need to have your voice heard loud and clear and vote for the people you believe in, not just a name you’ve heard of or someone else knows – a candidate who represents what you feel our city should look like.
Don’t vote unless you know, don’t feel compelled to vote for eight councillors (maximum allowed) unless you are confident they will do the job.
Ask yourself one simple question – “would I trust this person with my wallet?” If you can answer “yes” then feel comfortable because whoever you vote for is being given the right to spend your tax dollars as they see fit.
Casting your last few votes for someone you’re not sure of is diminishing the value of the people you really want on council.
Over the last few weeks, The Herald has asked questions of all the candidates. Some responded and some didn’t. Many forums have been help around the city (some online and some with limited crowds). Most candidates have a website outlining their positions on key issues. Do your homework, read what they have to say, get educated and then cast your vote.
I’d rather see a lower voter turnout with educated voters than a high turnout with uninformed voters. Ideally we see our highest turnout ever with informed voters sending a loud and clear message of what we want our future to look like.
Don’t take for granted that your candidate will win and that your vote doesn’t matter; it’s your money and your city. The elected officials work for us and listen to us; your vote is how you tell them what you want done.

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You might ask ‘if you could trust this person with my wallet’ literally, but metaphorically the statement implies a financial focus. Rather, I might ask ‘if you could trust this person with my vision’.