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The throne speech that should be

By Lethbridge Herald on November 5, 2021.

Rachael Harder – MP for Lethbridge

At the opening of every new session of Parliament, the Prime Minister is given the unique opportunity to share his vision for Canada and what he and his government aim to accomplish over the coming years. 

This roadmap comes in the form of a Speech from the Throne delivered by the Queen’s representative, the Governor General.

As ministers, policy writers, and advisors are undoubtedly working on this speech right now, I would like to offer some thoughts as to what I believe should be prioritized and communicated in this anticipated plan for Canada.

Though the Speech from the Throne signals a fresh start, it is imperative that it stays anchored in the core principles of our parliamentary democracy and stays true to the fundamental role of the federal government. 

Namely, the federal government should focus on four primary things: keeping the country united; ensuring Canadians are kept safe and secure; facilitating an environment of economic prosperity; and advancing Canada’s place on the world stage. 

Firstly, in his throne speech, the Prime Minister should outline his plan for creating a united Canada. As Publilius Syrus famously said, “where there is unity there is always victory.”

 If we wish to step into our full potential as a country, we must stand united. Mr. Trudeau must stop pitting one region against another; one religion against another; and one people group against another. We must unite around our common identity as Canadians and our inherent worth as people, while simultaneously honouring and celebrating the uniquenesses that exist among us. 

Secondly, safety and security should be top of mind for the Prime Minister. 

The government must ensure our borders are secured and Canadians are kept safe from security threats at home and abroad.

 Cybersecurity threats are real and severe. Canada must bolster its online security systems and take a realistic approach when dealing with foreign actors that have proven to be untrustworthy in the past. 

The Chinese government poses a grave threat, especially through its reach into Beijing-based telecommunications company, Huawei. 

Canada should join with its Five Eyes intelligence alliance partners and place significant limitations on Huawei’s access to Canada or ban the telecommunications giant altogether.

Increased investment in the Canadian Armed Forces is a must. We need to ensure that adequate and appropriate military equipment is procured. 

These men and women stand on the front lines of defense and they must have equipment that is safe and effective. 

For example, used fighter jets won’t cut it! 

Misogyny and sexual misconduct within the Canadian Military must be addressed. 

It’s time for Mr. Trudeau and his cabinet to stop making excuses, take responsibility for the role they’ve played in the current cover-up and clean things up. The brave women who have come forward with their stories deserve this much at least.

While we must be on guard against foreign threats, we also need to be aware of the many dangers within our own country. 

Human trafficking is tragically rampant in Canada and any Prime Minister who claims to care about the most vulnerable must not overlook this grave situation. A plan must be put in place to keep young women and girls safe from predators.

Thirdly, Mr. Trudeau must return to a balanced budget and demonstrate fiscal responsibility. It is undeniable that our economy is currently standing on fragile footing as the country is shouldering unprecedented debt levels. 

As a consequence of the Canadian government spending more than any other G20 country in its pandemic response, our deficit has reached epic proportions, and inflation rates are getting dangerously high. 

As a result, the cost of living is rising and the number of people living in poverty is growing because of it. 

We need to get government spending under control and stop borrowing what we don’t have. 

We need to invest in the revenue-generating sectors of our economy and get Canadians back to work. 

Unleashing the power of our workforce is the only shot we have at rebooting our economic engine.

 Canadians are incredibly creative, inventive, and entrepreneurial. We need to reward innovation and stop penalizing those who are successful and bring jobs and growth into our economy. 

This government needs to let Canadians thrive by reducing red tape and regulation and getting out of the way.

It should go without saying, but unfortunately it must be stated explicitly: the government needs to commit to the development of Canada’s energy sector. 

Canada has been blessed with the third largest oil reserve in the world, plus we adhere to the highest environmental regulations on the planet, and we respect human rights. 

Even while we transition to alternative energy sources, the need for oil and gas still exists. 

When we refuse to develop Canada’s industry, it simply means we must bring oil and gas in from places like Saudi Arabia, where there are zero environmental standards and human rights are abysmal. 

In other words, by neglecting our industry, Prime Minister Trudeau has an opportunity to support Canada’s ethically sourced oil, or he can use taxpayer’s money to support a foreign dictator and purchase unethical blood oil that was produced with zero regard for the environment. 

The fact that Mr. Trudeau has appointed a former environmental activist who has been arrested for his anti-oil and gas antics is certainly alarming.

Fourthly, after giving careful attention to the local affairs of our country, we can once again look to have a respectable presence on the world stage. It is undeniable that Canada has taken a backseat when it comes to forming alliances in security, trade, and intelligence. This is largely a result of our failure to take a stand within our own country. If we are not defenders of freedom and democracy within our own borders, then how can we export these values globally?

The only way this country can propel forward with strength is by standing united. This is the preeminent role of any national leader — that the people he serves stay united under a national banner. If Prime Minister Trudeau genuinely wants this country to succeed, he must adjust course and stop stoking the fire of animosity between Canadians. 

In light of Remembrance Day on November 11th, when we will pause to remember and pay tribute to the men and women who have served this country, I cannot help but feel an incredible responsibility to preserve the very principles on which Canada is founded in order to honour the sacrifices made by Canada’s veterans.

 We must continue to stand united as Canadians in defense of freedom, democracy, and the rule of law. 

The speech from the Throne should align itself accordingly. 

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“Stop stoking the fire of animosity between Canadians?!” You’ve got to be kidding. This from the absolute masters of division, the stokers-in-chief. You should realize that many of us remember how things were in Canada before your evangelical element commandeered the very reasonable “Progressive Conservative Party.” Those were the days, before you removed more than just the WORD progressive from your name, and started following the increasingly crazy GOP. Is QAnon here yet?
And again, with your usual “braying intransigence” remind us that your party is the ONLY one in the country, probably in the civilized world, that formally voted AGAINST a motion that climate change is even REAL. So COP26 is just a “gabfest” as kenney put it, or a “photo op” according to the forward-thinking Sonya Savage.
While you’re trotting out your dinosaur views, don’t forget your faves– that women are subordinate to men and shouldn’t have the right to choose, and that conversion therapy is just fine. And while you’re at it, how about just admitting that you “folks” still don’t accept that homosexuality is anything other than a “lifestyle choice” and that you still don’t actually even accept gay marriage?! Regressive conservatives, guaranteed to drag society down and backwards every time.
Google “conservative brain.” There you all are, textbook cases that, with your pathological fear of change and inherent lack of ability to think critically, are a clear and present danger to us all.

John P Nightingale

No mention of what arguably is the most pressing concern for most Canadians – Global Warming and the climate change fallout. (Harper appointed pro business people to his cabinet many whom disregarded environmental issues. That a former environmental , once arrested activist now leads environment, is no different)
That Canada spent “more than any other country on its pandemic response” is not a negative but certainly has contributed to the current debt. She cannot even bring herself to admit that Canadians were supported in time of need.
No reference to environmental issues.
I wonder if she would abandon all trade with China , given her correctly stated security concerns (a “grave threat”)?
Would she dismantle the antiquated dairy marketing controls (“supply management”)?
Does she support mandatory vaccination for MPs ?
Her confusing stand on conversion therapy has not to my knowledge been addressed.
There are many pressing issues contained in her monologue but there are many glaring (but not surprising) omissions as well!


“No reference to environmental issues” and why would there be? When Canada produces a minuscule amount of so-called “Green house gases” and Alberta by itself even less! We have far more pressing issues to deal with as Rachel mentioned
Must assume here JPN that you are one of Greta’s students with honors yet to come!

John P Nightingale

Someone must step up to the plate and be counted. Per capital, we have absolutely nothing to be proud of. What sort of future do your grandchildren and their children together with all life on earth have, if nothing is done?
And BTW, I have never advocated for a cessation of oil and gas immediately as some “greenies” would believe. Not possible but the fact remains we (as in developed countries ) must continue reducing emissions in accord with past and present conclusions. Unless of course , you believe the whole Global Warming conclusions are a hoax?

Last edited 2 years ago by John P Nightingale

Not a big fan of the “The Sky is falling” mentality! Of course the weather patterns on the planet are changing! Haven’t they always changed through time? To somehow single-out human activities as the sole cause of climate-change is so short-sited it needs to be measured with a micrometer! Hmm what caused the Glaciers to recede approximately ten thousand yrs ago. Think about that for a minute.

John P Nightingale

No credible person is saying that “human activity” is the “sole” cause of Climate Change. No one is saying that the glaciers did not recede or more accurately, finish receding , around 10,000 years ago.
Has been happening for millions of years.
But human activity has since the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century, raised CO2 levels in an increasing trajectory far beyond that of normal earth cyclical events.
But then again, perhaps since you are not a “fan” of warming trends and consequences, you do not accept that CO2 is a potent greenhouse gas and likewise ignore the changes brought about by increasing atmospheric levels of so called “greenhouse gasses”. Adding to “normal cyclical events”, we are now at a critical junction of “modern” human history.
Like I said earlier, it is the future generations that will be negatively impacted – unless industrial change begins now. To some degree it has already begun but phasing out atmospheric polluters in the next couple of decades must be a goal.
Note I did not say an immediate cessation of all oil extraction.


To think we alone can somehow turn-down the temp on the planet by scaling-back human activity and thus CO2 emissions seems somewhere between laughable and crazy. Technology should be at the fore-front of all our efforts to put less of everything into our atmosphere.
Governments everywhere should be stepping-up their efforts to invest and promote this clean-air technology.
Alberta can and from what I understand is a leader in this endeavor.


Excellent letter, to bad you couldn’t read it out loud in the House of Commons! Climate change? Our oil companies are doing more to address carbon sequester than anywhere else in the world, and Carbon tax is doing NOTHING other than hurting our farmers and our economy. Scrap the tax and get Canada investing in our own oil rather than corrupt environmentally dangerous producers like Venezuela, Saudi Arabia etc. We are still importing the bulk of our oil and gas! Disgusting.


What’s it like Jill to live in a shiny, thin bubble where “the economy” somehow trumps the entire context for ALL human life?

John P Nightingale

Most economists and even some oil companies such as Chevron are on-side regarding a Carbon Tax.
As usual, a denial of the obvious by J0122.


excellent entries from tp and jpn. difficult enough to interact with regressive thinking, but that is made all the more trying dealing with those same folk that refuse to accept our current treatment of the planet is – so obvious as it is – is not sustainable.
just wondering: what will come first, human settlement on mars, or creating a mars on earth? to me, each option is undesirable.


The “Sky is Falling” narrative must continue at all costs! Great posts above from those that don’t auto-buy-in to the propaganda that is spread-about like candy at a candy-store! Hard to give anyone respect that spouts this kind of drivel-around but does not think twice when jumping into a fossil-fuel powered car or bus then heads to a store to buy merchandise made with and by these fuels! How do you people sleep at night!

Last edited 2 years ago by johnny57

What does “jumping into a fossil-fuel powered car or bus or heading to a store to buy merchandise made with and by these fuels” which is simply people living within the current man-made system have to do with what’s happening to all the irreplaceable natural systems that have sustained us, like all other animals, from the very beginning of our life on earth? You probably also dispute the massive species die-off that has happened on earth as just more “propaganda,” refusing to see that we are just another vulnerable species here, or maybe you imagine that we’re smart enough to circumvent the very nature from whence we came? As if “defecating” in your corner shows ANY intelligence. And you don’t even have the excuse of being a believer in religion’s alternate reality where some god will save us because we’re so bloody special. We’re less special all the time…


Species have always died-off for one reason or another only to be replaced by others! You make it sound like specie-extinction is a one-off thing!

Last edited 2 years ago by johnny57

You are ineducable.


Its either that or very resistant to your indoctrination attempts!


Which doctrine is that johnny? Science?


Ah now you play the stupid-card! Very original!


we are stuck in a cycle, and need to make a break. there is merit in trying to hybrid our way to a more sustainable way. there is concern, however, as to whether the present leading “green” approaches are in fact net cleaner and sustainable. i am not yet convinced they are, but that needs to be explored – though honestly. mining and toxins and waste all need to be factored. the bs that is carbon taxes needs to be factored, for it seems to me those will line the usual pockets at the expense of the masses…as usual. those damn windmills kill anything that flies too close – already a net negative – and they are lacking as primary energy sources. they further create a lot of waste, including toxic waste, in their building, and in their too soon disposal. ditto solar.
btw: anyone else noticing the massive volumes of public money – aside from the carbon tax debacle – moving from our coffers into private hands of “green” companies? very many of the “green” energy companies are privately held entities (not publicly traded), owned by a collection of oligarchs such as gates, musk, buffett et al. does anyone else get angry watching govts give away public monies to private entities, such that we get no fair value equity – no equity at all? does it remind one at all of the generations long giveaways of public monies to the “fossil” fuel cos?

Last edited 2 years ago by biff
Seth Anthony

You said, “the bs that is carbon taxes needs to be factored, for it seems to me those will line the usual pockets at the expense of the masses”.

Of course it will. It’s a virtue signaling money grab, and it isn’t going to do sh–t to help the environment. This sums it up:

The pro carbon tax argument is, “They use our money to invest in alternative energy”. Ya right. They might use it for that initially, but then they’ll use it for vote buying because that’s the way our archaic governmental / political party system works. They vote buy with our money to stay in power. Even if they did use our money for alternative energy investment, it would be a waste. Our pittance is nothing compared to the global trillions that are being poured into alternative energy development by large corporations and billionaire private investors.

Carbon taxes are a sham just like carbon trading.

Last edited 2 years ago by Seth Anthony

agreed – and good to hear from you


I do believe that the fossil-fuel industry and the environment can live side-by-side providing we invest in new technology’s. The all or nothing mind-set of these radical groups is what really burns me up! And of course it has spilled onto governments and the masses as well. Technology has always bailed us out of tough situations and it can bail us out of this one also. I do truly believe with more advances in tech we can protect the planet-develop our resources and thus keep people employed in good paying jobs.


i would also like to believe that. however we proceed, we need to change what we have been doing. the change needs to be based on honest information. for reasons as i have noted, i do not feel this is right now the case. i suggest at present, as has already long been the case, greed and self service are basis of and drivers of “change”. we may well be moving from one unsustainable approach to yet another.

Mrs. Kidd (she/her)

Just an observation from an old grammarian, but “new technology’s” should read “new technologies”. You can look it up.



Mrs. Kidd (she/her)

Yes, well, as I would often tell my students, if you follow the basic conventions of grammar and use correct spelling, you have a better chance of being taken seriously.

And as regards your comment that “technology has always bailed us out”; it displays a remarkable level of historical illiteracy, That is not do say that many technological advances have not been positive, but to make such a blanket statement is unhinged from reality.


Hahahaha… it.


Small things amuse small minds!


WHAT! Are you for real? Give your head a good long shake! Do I need to go into a lengthy list of inventions to convince you of what technology has done for us over the years? You are the one unhinged from reality with that statement. The next time you park your butt in a warm car or bus remember PLEASE remember what you have said here.
As far as spelling and grammar is concerned please feel free to correct me at will. This should help to shore-up your failing message!

Last edited 2 years ago by johnny57

what do you think, j57, do we accept a series of after school detentions, or do we just accept relegation to remedial next year?


as for throne speeches: after laying all the bs, i sure hope they will take a moment to wash their hands and flush, even if they will not take an honest look in the mirror.