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2022 looking to be an encouraging year

By Lethbridge Herald on February 4, 2022.

Nathan Neudorf – MLA for Lethbridge East

As we enter the second month of the new year, it has been an unexpected pleasure to have had such mild temperatures for the past few weeks. It is also encouraging to see COVID cases continue in a  downward trend. I want to thank all front-line workers who have carried the burden of this pandemic for so long; hopefully, they will also feel the easing of those burdens soon.

I recently participated in our new mayor’s State of the City address and it was an excellent opportunity to share some of the priorities and goals I hope to work on this year. While I fully believe that Lethbridge has numerous, solid opportunities for growth and a positive outlook this year, there are still tasks and challenges yet to be addressed.

Our government has set a Provincial EMS Advisory Committee led by MLAs RJ Sigurdson and Tracy Allard to examine the EMS system’s strains in the past few years. This is a much-needed look at how the system works, serves our communities and what areas should be adjusted for a better functioning EMS system. 

I know many of our local EMS, firefighters, and paramedics have worked incredibly hard and have often felt “pulled in too many directions.” I look forward to them having the opportunity to share their perspectives with this team.

I also look forward to positive news on hiring new doctors in Lethbridge this year. After several years of decline in the city, a concerted effort has been made by Alberta Health Services, the Primary Care Network and the Alberta government. 

This has resulted in two doctors being hired to date and more than 20 at some stage of the review and vetting process. These are positive steps forward to meet the vast need for family physicians here in Lethbridge. 

While Alberta has seen a net increase in doctors in the past two years, this hasn’t been the case for Lethbridge. However, as we turn that corner, I hope to see progress invite further growth and through that, a new cycle of momentum can be built.

Moving on to the subject of education, there are additional public engagement opportunities on the draft K-6 curriculum opening up, with virtual sessions for Lethbridge between Feb. 3 and 28. 

Each course will have its timeslot and discussion, allowing for local perspectives and insights. Independent engagement specialists will facilitate these discussions. I know that many in Lethbridge have been actively engaged in providing feedback and hope they continue to do so.

On a more personal note, I hope to continue with stakeholder meetings within my appointment as Parliamentary Secretary on Water Stewardship. 

These meetings will touch on the Oldman River Basin issues here in the south, as well as overland water storage and protection in the north. As the old saying goes, “whiskey is for drinking, water is for fighting.” There are many strong opinions on what is undoubtedly, our most precious resource. This file is as challenging as it is essential. 

With these just being a few of the many important files on my desk, this year looks busy. To those who live and work in Lethbridge: expect results on the difficult files, not just the easy ones. I will continue to work hard for Lethbridge this year in every way that I can.

Dollar for dollar and pound for pound, our city has had some of the greatest successes of any jurisdiction in Alberta over the past two years, and I expect it to continue to lead the way through 2022. 

Thank you for allowing me to serve as your representative in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta for Lethbridge-East, I have good reason to hope that this year will be the best yet!

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Southern Albertan

April 9, 2022. Will the UCP have the courage from within to rid us of Jason Kenney?
Or, will us grassroots voters have to do it ourselves on May 29, 2023 while Jason Kenney takes his whole bumbling bunch with him.

Last edited 2 years ago by Southern Albertan

The best year yet? Results on the difficult files? Really?

Then, when will you request that the Premier set in motion the granting of a Court Injunction in order to apply the Rule of Law as regards the Alberta Critical Infrastructure Defence Act and the Alberta Traffic Safety Act?


Didn’t see anything about water pollution from coal mining, and the coal policy committee recommendations that his government is hiding.

Water us vital. Start stewarding it, Mr. Neudorf.