June 16th, 2024

Alberta won’t accept production cuts in climate plan

By Lethbridge Herald on April 7, 2022.

Jason Nixon
Minister of Environment and Parks

Alberta’s government will not accept any federal plan on emissions that will hit Canadians’ pocketbooks any further, especially at a time when it’s costing over $2 per litre to fill up and seniors are struggling to heat their homes and pay their bills.

To be clear, there are only two ways to reduce emissions – either invest in technology or reduce economic activity.

Alberta will not accept a plan that explicitly plans to reduce economic activity, which is exactly what is projected by the Liberal-NDP coalition’s own numbers in the Emissions Reduction Plan released on March 29.

The reduction in oil and gas production spelled out in their insane climate plan would only send production and the resulting economic activity to those in the world with the worst environmental records.

My message to Minister Guilbeault is clear: Alberta will not accept an emissions plan that would destroy Alberta’s economy and make life more unaffordable for Albertans.

The world needs more oil and gas, and Alberta’s government is not interested in a transition from jobs in the energy sector laid out in the plan.

Alberta’s government will not accept a plan that treads on the natural resource guarantees that former premier Peter Lougheed fought hard to gain for the benefit of all Albertans.

Albertans rightfully want to reap the benefits of the economic activity produced from oil and gas, and Alberta’s government can provide the services and new infrastructure that result from revenues and royalties.

But if production is cut by the federal government, royalties are cut. If jobs are lost, personal income tax is lost. 

If companies move out, corporate income tax is lost. Albertans saw $87 billion of investments leave the province under Rachel Notley’s NDP. It is much harder to gain that investment back.

On lost royalties alone, if a production cut results in a 10 per cent drop, about a $1.3 billion loss, that means Alberta would be without the money for the Calgary Cancer Centre, or for the new childcare agreement that cut the cost of childcare for Albertans in half.

Of course, the Liberal-NDP coalition loves to mention services that Quebec can provide its residents, but conveniently fails to acknowledge the now $13.6 billion that Quebec receives in equalization every year – a program that a strong majority of Albertans voted against in a referendum last fall.

Alberta’s government would be happy to contribute to Confederation if the federal government was as passionate about protecting the quality-of-life Albertans have worked hard to build for our families. Instead, they will destroy it.

And there has been relief from Premier Jason Kenney with the elimination of provincial fuel taxes and a $150 rebate for the high electricity bills Albertans experienced this past winter.

But make no mistake: the Liberal-NDP Coalition’s insane emissions plan will jack up electricity rates even higher and make life unaffordable for all Canadians, not just Albertans. 

That’s why Alberta’s government is going to fight tooth-and-nail to keep our economy intact and defend the resources that Premier Lougheed guaranteed remained for the province’s benefit for all Albertans.

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John P Nightingale

Minister of the Environment and yet, nary a mention of the environment in Nixon’s so predictable monologue.
It’s all about the money stupid…..


Climate Denial 101


Looks like Sophie has been blocked by the Herald. I guess the new Editors are fostering a lurch to the reactionary right (those who are happy to give it but unwilling to take it). Censorship by the ‘unbiased’ media … Sophie says ‘goodbye’.

John P Nightingale

I can think of several names more deserving of being censored on this site than “Sophie”. Ad hominem attacks without substantial qualifiers run amok….


Yeh, her comment about being sorry for Harders brain injury ought to bring censorship. Other names include you and Waterfield.


Don’t forget, buchshot, she called you stupid, too. We thought you might be the coward with the thin skin – afraid of a diversity of opinion.

As for Thomas: https://www.brain-injury-law-center.com/blog/whiplash-traumatic-brain-injury/

John P Nightingale

Granted, the “brain injury” comment was inappropriate, but taken in context , compared with other vitriol spewed on this site usually, but not always, written by those using nom de plumes , it was mild.

Last edited 2 years ago by John P Nightingale

“Good Bye” and maybe more important Good Riddance!

Southern Albertan

More verbal dribble by the now, uncredible UCP, et al.

Southern Albertan

It also could be said that Nixon/the UCP agree with the Trudeau Liberals. Imagine that eh?! The Liberals purchased the aging Transmountain pipeline and its burgeoning costs funded by us taxpayers, and the Liberals just approved the controversial Bay du Nord offshore mega oil project. Dealing with emissions is one thing but dealing with production is another.


When are you going to hit up the damned oil companies for money to deal all the old retired wells? – Or are you talking out of one side of your face blaming the Fed for inflationary costs being visited upon citizens BY those same companies?
Stop ranting about Federal Tax (*ahem* make sure to mention yours as well. How much did the UCP just levy with their OWN Carbon Tax? – Not talking about THAT are you?):
Big Oil is as much to blame for the price at the pump as ANYONE. – Maybe look into how the price increase had NOTHING to do with lack of supply. But because the Big Oil Companies USED the perception of the War causing a lack of supply to justify THEM increasing the profit margin…because guess what? Government is one thing; but Big Corporate and greedy profiteering are the biggest problem we have these days.
This BS perception that the Fed is the cause of all ills in the prairies needs to stop.
The Provincial Government of AB has a legacy of using that as a tool to hide the plain fact that since Peter Lougheed bowed out, THEY have been abandoning any pretense of caring for the citizens of the province.
The political right in AB is a collection of PooAnon fools, Evangelical Whackos (Who wouldn’t know Jesus even if he walked up and flipped their table), and echo-chamber wannabe American Republitard Libertarians who have no moral high ground to stand on.
Unless you count abregation of responsibility toward the greater good something worthy of merit.