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Key initiatives moving forward in the legislature

By Lethbridge Herald on January 14, 2023.

Nathan Neudorf – UCP MLA for Lethbridge East

Happy New Year! I hope all of you were able to have some time away from work, away from the cold and spent time with family and friends to enjoy the gifts of the season.

As we look ahead to 2023 stretching out before us I think it is only natural to consider some goals or milestones to focus on as we move forward. For me, as MLA and Minister of Infrastructure, I would like to share some of the items I will be working on.

To begin, we continue to see the need for more family doctors to take on new patients in Lethbridge. Over the past eight months, 17 new family doctors have been hired to work in Lethbridge with four of them now taking new patients.

 AHS is hopeful that two more will begin practicing by the end of the month, and more of them setting up practice in the weeks and months ahead. There is still more work to do in recruiting, attracting and retaining additional general physicians, gynecologists, psychiatrists and child psychologists all of whom we need more of. 

The good news is that with the Alberta Medical Association agreement signed and ratified — including the removal of the daily patient cap — the certainty for Alberta doctors to be the highest paid in Canada is renewed.

These past few years have been extremely difficult. Add on the highest inflation in three decades, increased federal taxes in the form of the carbon tax, and global supply chain issues, costs have escalated significantly. 

 Making sure that the budget is balanced so that there are available resources for seniors, families with children, and those who rely on income supports have the help that they need is increasingly important and I am glad that we passed the Inflation Relief Statutes Amendment Act in December to help strengthen and improve our available supports. 

We were also able to provide additional funding for our tremendous disability support workers to ease the strain on that sector after nearly 12 years.

Making sure that the Government of Alberta is working as collaboratively with industry as possible to achieve the “best value” on money spent for projects. This is a subtle but important change from the “low bid” approach which was common in the early 2000s. Best value recognizes that while some products might be cheaper, they don’t necessarily last as long or have as good of a warranty. This opens the evaluation conversation to the unit cost of an item over the expected lifespan. 

A 30-year roof will likely initially cost more than a 10-year roof, but when maintenance and replacement costs are factored in, it may cost less per year over the full 30 years, making it a better value.

One final thought, while it is every politicians dream to be able to announce a new school, road or hospital, my approach, given the rising costs we all face, is to finish well. 

That means making sure that we have the appropriate funds set aside to complete projects as intended on everything that has already been started and is still ongoing. Even if there have been significant cost increases due to global events beyond our control, we will prioritize good management that provides certainty to Albertans and the construction industry, peace of mind to those who are using these facilities, and confidence to the general public that their tax dollars are being managed responsibly and with their best interests in mind.

I look forward to the year ahead with all of its opportunities and challenges and continuing to bring the best of what I have learned over my career to the role I currently have. To lead with caring, competence and capabilities for the best governance possible as I represent Lethbridge East. Thank you.

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Southern Albertan

Challenges for the UCP and their MLAs is a Premier who keeps making unforced errors.


Yes it was a good Christmas Nathan with Trudope landing a pre-election gift in Danielle’s lap! Nutlely has been mute on the so-call “Just Transition” plan to wipe-out our oil and gas sector and put thousands out of work. Our leader has called her out on her silence and true to the NDP’S hypocrisy-form she has been cowed from his statement. Come election time hope voters remember what these economy wrecking socialists want to do with our province as a team.

John P Nightingale

Fact is she (Smith) misread the document she referenced. What Ms. Smith was talking about was a briefing package for Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson from last June. Included were figures that showed the total number of workers in sectors that could ultimately be affected in some way by the inevitable transition to a green-energy world from fossil fuels – not the number of people who were going to lose their jobs. Yes, there were many in the oil and gas sector that were effected (around 180,000) , but the total was around 2.7 million spread across multiple provinces. There was no reference to job losses. As with other verbal blunders, she is believed hook line and sinker by those of the extreme right wing (read former WR)
Notley has not been “mute”. She has recently slammed the feds regarding this legislation which has not as yet been tabled .
It is a difficult subject, but the term “Just Transition” is increasingly used across the globe to prepare for a new sustainable economy. No one is suggesting a complete shut down of the energy sector except some members of the Greens. Practically, that is a non starter.
The country is fractured plain and simple.
More bi-partisanship , less of me, me , me. Our MP and respective leaders across the country would do well to heed that initial thought.

Last edited 1 year ago by John P Nightingale