July 20th, 2024

Trudeau’s fantasy incompatible with Canada’s reality

By Lethbridge Herald on February 3, 2024.

Rachael Thomas – Conservative Member of Parliament for Lethbridge

It is playfully said that in Canada, we have two seasons: winter and almost winter. 

Canadians are well-accustomed to dealing with snow, ice, and freezing temperatures, and many embrace the cold weather with fun activities such as skiing, snowshoeing, and ice skating. 

But winter can be as threatening as fun, and there are times when it is less a question of leisure and more a question of survival. There is beauty in the power of winter, but make no mistake, there is also danger. 

We were reminded of this truth when extreme cold weather rolled into western Canada a few weeks ago. 

In Lethbridge, it reached -47C and other parts of the province reported even lower temperatures. 

Flights were grounded, water mains broke, cold shelters were overwhelmed, and even the Edmonton Royal Alexandria Hospital emergency department lost heat in the cold snap. 

It was so chilly that the clock tower in downtown Lethbridge stopped working. 

There was a severe risk of rolling blackouts should the energy grid not be stabilized. Albertans were warned to keep their electricity use to a minimum by turning off unnecessary lights and opting to use a microwave instead of a stove. 

The frenzy caused many in western Canada to question why we experienced such instability. What conditions nearly brought our electrical grid to the brink?

The answer is multi-pronged, but central to it is the fact that the sun failed to shine, snow insisted on falling, and the wind refused to blow. 

In other words, wind and solar could not be relied on for energy while four natural gas plants were offline or operating at reduced capacity.  

We found ourselves in this situation thanks to Trudeau’s Ottawa-knows-best approach to so-called ‘clean energy,’ which is based on fiction more than reality. 

We need more natural gas generation, not less.

This is not an ideological position. It is simply common sense. We should be playing to the strengths of our region. Regrettably, Liberal common sense is as rare as a snowflake in the Sahara.

With the timing of a bad joke, the cold snap came in on the heels of the government doubling down on its electric vehicle mandate, which will require all vehicles sold in Canada to be electric by 2035. 

This plan is almost comical, if not for the severe threat it poses to the prosperity and well-being of Canadians. The current energy grid is incapable of accommodating Trudeau’s mandate to switch every vehicle to electric. Not to mention, EVs are impractical in many rural parts of Alberta, let alone in the areas around Lethbridge — especially in the winter.

 It seems Trudeau has overlooked Canadians and their lived reality to advance his ideological utopia. 

If we struggle to ensure that our hospitals have sufficient power, how does the Prime Minister think it appropriate, much less reasonable, to promote the obligation that all Canadians must buy an EV?

The Liberals’ goals are more fantastical than feasible at this point, but there are real consequences to the people who face the shortfalls of Trudeau’s fantasy when reality comes crashing in. 

The ideologically-driven policies of the current government are not working. Natural gas is one of the cleanest, safest, and most reliable forms of energy and Canada is among the world’s top five producers of natural gas, with approximately two-thirds of production coming from Alberta. We just need the federal government to stop tying our hands behind our back so we can take advantage of this powerful resource. 

Canadians must be empowered with the freedom to make their own decisions free of outlandish and out-of-touch mandates.

When we face reality with practicality instead of fantasy, we will not only survive, we will begin to thrive. 

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Clive Schaupmeyer

Thank you Rachael! So refreshing to read some common sense instead of the ideological, life-threatening pap from Trudeau and Guillbeault.

Southern Albertan

We shall see how the federal Poilievre Conservatives do in Quebec and the vote rich 905 region. Poilievre, who veers toward extremes, may well generate hold-the-nose votes for Trudeau. As has been said, either choice is not great, but, there are also more progressive politics to vote for now, other than these two, old, tired, self-entitled Conservatives and Liberals. They have done the old, tired, back-and-forth frustrating years of holding power, and not really meeting the needs of ordinary Canadians. The ‘Mouseland’ political story still, sadly, applies….both catering to the top 1% for wealth.


You are such a young lass Rachael, still wet behind the ears. Possibly lived a sheltered existence as a child too? But cold blasts such as we experienced have happened repeatedly on the prairies. Frozen water mains, frozen natural gas lines, broken pipes, and gas generation plants also failing — all of it not new to the REALITY of life across much of Canada.
Odd that Stephen Harper nor any other recent great Conservative leadership wizard did not see the sense in ensuring that more natural gas fuelled energy plants weren’t built during their reigns. Why even Jason Kenney appears to have failed to stimulate such a marvellous project with his tax breaks for his petro pals. Indeed, Trudeau and his cult with their concerns for future generations must bear the blame. Heck they and Rachel Notley were spending too much effort cooperating to get a pipeline in the ground, why couldn’t they convince oil patch execs to spend billions on new plants? (Possibly because no new plants have been started since… the last ice age? Even their research told them it is a dying industry?)
Notably Rachael, you ignore that the oil patch is declaring massive profits, massive CEO bonuses, while laying off thousands of workers ! I would have thought those profits and workers could be better managed as assets to at least maintain the energy plants that crapped out. But what do I know… ? — I am not a tunnel-visioned greedy management wizard who deserves such a bonus. Nor am I Leadership Wizard such as yourself who confuses reality with her nitwit twisting of same.


Twisting nitwit…perfect!


A ‘twiswit’, perhaps?


reallyreally…well stated


MP Thomas, you don’t “mince words” do you! Your calling a “spade a spade” and telling it like it is.

Of course the “nay sayers” with their verbal diahrea who comment on tbis page, do not know (or for that matter aren’t capable) of factually refuting or challenging your common sense report!

You would believe that by now they would be “woke” to the reality that Mr. Poilievre is leading “double digits” and increasing in every poll out there! When will this reality sink in for Southern Albertan, ReallyReally, biff and the like?


You know Harold, in your case, they aren’t actually stars in the sky at all, but simply holes poked in the lid of the container so you can breathe.


reallyreally – haha!
i think those holes were made right about when the earth was made, 5000 super long years ago, right harold, and those others that enjoy bible stories as literal history. it is a very good thing, and thanks to god, those holes have not been clogged up by the smoke and grease we create, or else we could not breathe. just referencing the bible and those scholars that embrace the bible literally, because such deep and rational thinkers have come to form the basis of the conservative parties of the land. (i wonder, is the old testament’s eye for an eye…, or, is the new testament’s turn the other cheek, correct?)
and, speaking of rational, how about a shout out to noah: able to get 2 of every creature on the planet onto a boat (amazing that not only birds and flies and the like made it from thousands of miles away, but all that walks and swims and lives under the ground made it, too…great beekeeper, and the first ant farms, too, i think…). he was able to feed them all, keep them from preying on one another, and keep them all alive. and, thanks to the bible bestowing us dominion over the planet and all living critters, we have an ethical and holy basis for our choosing to use and abuse and extinct what we wish, to our liking, until the baby jesus returns.

Last edited 5 months ago by biff

Please, I encourage you, read the Holy Bible in context, and to be sure, the Lord Jesus will not be returning as a “babe” rather….well read for yourself “Revelation 19:11-16” … biff are you ready for Jesus’s return?


Harold my previous response to you was purposely written to confirm what I have come to suspect, that you lived in a containerized brainwashed rhetoric world. I feel for you brother.
I encourage you to actually read or at least comprehend the bible… as an example, “Thou shall not judge”, before you place any self-righteous sagacity upon biff or anybody else. Apparently YOU are not yet ready for the return of Jesus… Some deep philosophical manure to ruminate on here.
Personally I think the only one’s guaranteed to pass through will be our four-legged friends with wagging tails, and probably other non-human species. Sapiens are simply the least worthy critters on earth to deserve any “heavenly” rewards.


Sorry ReallyReally, your “personal impression” will not cut it when the King returns…..at that time, “every knee shall bow”.

You may think/believe that it is a “rhetoric brainwashed world” BUT “what if (as we believe) it is NOT rhetoric, BUT truth”? SECONDLY, I/we do not judge….. we leave that to …..the chief Judge, JESUS.


“the “nay sayers” with their verbal diahrea who comment on tbis page, do not know (or for that matter aren’t capable) of factually refuting or challenging your common sense”, I suspect that along with numerous remarks you make in past comment pages, your tendency for hypocritical righteousness pretty much dooms you to a shocking exclusion Harold. By the way, “correlation does not imply causation” should be something that you should educate yourself about. You haven’t even ascertained if those you judge are “believers” nitwit !
I have allowed myself to drift from the political discussion topic to comment on your personal warped “belief system” Harold, but as to my own, key to my personal impressions is that the ideals of Jesus message emphasizes love, not fear and self-serving judgment that allows bigots to forgive their own behaviours. This is NOT the forum for a conversation regarding religion and spirituality, but a wise woman had this stuck to her fridge: “Religious people fear hell. Spiritual people have already experienced hell.” and that pretty much is another of my impressions, that religiosity and cherry-picking bigotry destroy religions. Check your baggage Harold. Likely you will not be allowed on board. .


“I” NEVER brought religion into this discussion (see the thread) BUT, I will ALWAYS defend and acknowledge my Lord Jesus the Christ.

As for yourself, continue reading “slogans” posted on fridges, it appears to suit you well.

Last edited 5 months ago by HaroldP

Reply to  biff
14 hours ago
Please, I encourage you, read the Holy Bible in context, and to be sure, the Lord Jesus will not be returning as a “babe” rather….well read for yourself “Revelation 19:11-16” … biff are you ready for Jesus’s return?

Cognitive Dissonance at play here Harold?


love the quote you share here – thank you!
i see this experience as one of a very many experiences of a very many perspectives and challenges, each geared to enable us to grow our capacity for pure light and love. like a good workout at the gym, has to be at least a somewhat tough endeavour in order to promote growth. while i could never prove what i feel in my heart, i can only use this outlook to assure myself of purpose.


if only – you self righteous lot are not only the quickest to judge and condemn, you are also the biggest lot of hypocrites of every land.


Judging is quite different than stating a fact….. if I say “sugar is sweet” or “a dog barks” am I being judgmental or stating a fact? Likewise, “verbal diarrhea” in this case is quite factual and NOT judgmental.


You are gaslighting here Harold. Ignoring the immediate topic, the FACT that you DID introduce religion into the discussion, with a frantic attempt at distraction.
Further, Facts can be proven beyond any doubt through verifiable evidence such as measurements, statistics, or observations.
“Fact” means any statement that can be proven to be either true or false and does not rely on the author’s own beliefs, ideas, or feelings. Facts are objective and can be verified by evidence.
Given you diss other folk’s impressions, feelings, beliefs, I offer the above two definitions to remind you that you are relaying an opinion that is part of you belief system. YET TO BE PROVEN interpretations of your religious belief are NOT facts. Harold. I sincerely respect your right to your religious belief system.. Fact: not everyone else subscribes to your beliefs. Fact: Not everyone else has to believe what you believe. Fact: Not everyone lives in fear of a fundamental interpretation of some scripture in your bible. LIFE. Sucks to be an adult eh Harold?
I am going to refill our bird feeders.


See biff’s explanation below that he/she/it did bring up “religion” in the topic of discussion.
……. but ReallyReally, in your infinite wisdom, is it a fact?

One more question for you ReallyReally is the Holy Bible fact?


I have had a past interest in learning about all sorts of religions. I am actually reading a book currently that friends loaned me that is associated with a variation of Buddhism (my impression), which is arguably not a religion, but a philosophical approach to life from what they explained; I am interested in the basis for their attitudes to living. I have had friends, family, acquaintances, or simply met individuals who are devoutly religious, fundamentalist, agnostic, declared atheist, even animists, people who are spiritualists rather than practising religiosity. I have read much of a few different versions of the bible, and during those readings had some great conversations with various people about the history behind interpretations, and their interpretations. I have asked some very knowledgeable advocates of Christianity and I have listened to scholars, including some respected local scholars of Christianity, as well as read articles and essentially what I have gleaned is that the bible is interpretive of anecdotal history, found historical “documents”, and that there are even passages for which there has been no proof of who wrote those pages. The interpretations have been argued by various scholars as to accuracy and content, and even the fact that meanings of words have been muddled due to historical changes of same, and absolutely, I will use your word here Harold, “impressions” come into play. So fact? Based on the definition of what a verifiable fact is, along with the noted inconsistencies, interpretations, and sources of information, that there are recognized and revised “versions” of the bible — NO as this latter consideration alone means that there can be no satisfying answer to your question.
I respect your passion for your “faith: Harold, your right to that. But I do not respect religiosity. Perhaps that is the answer I can offer you.


Jesus is coming or not: I still believe that Rachael is a duplicitous, purposely misleading, poorly informed or wilfully ignorant (both?), overtly biased individual on issues that she should be concerned about, if she wishes to be a respected “leader” representing the citizens of her region. Heartfelt impression… she is a bit of a bobble-head smiling puppet figure, a nitwit rather than the sort of leader we need in these times.


makes a great epitaph


ReallyReally, it was a simple “yes” or “no” question! is the Holy Bible fact or not?

I have to again assert the phrase, “verbal diarrhea” to your feeble attempt to skirt around answering the direct question.

Last edited 5 months ago by HaroldP

FACT: It is NOT a simple question Harold. I did not skirt around answering the question.
Importantly: What Holy Bible are you referring to ?
Have you seen this Holy Bible Harold? Have they dressed you in the garb and allowed you into the sterile vaults where the relics that are the basis of the “scriptures” I interpolate you are referencing are kept for the study of scholarly individuals ? Are you multilingual and familiar with ancient terms well enough to actually “read” relic items ? If so you would recognize that interpretations of these relics are subjective, therefore with regard to archaeological evidence to date still under debate and not entirely meeting the standards required to state a verifiable fact. Hence my reference to the idea of “Faith”versus Fact.

As for your “verbal diarrhea” remarks, I accept that as a compliment coming from you. I crave conversations with verbose individuals with an extensive vocabulary who have the understanding and experience to produce succinct and specific meaning with their loquacious, wonderfully expressive banter — bring it on ! I find arguments with rhetoric bound containerized individuals to be sad events. Still, with the knowledge that jellyfish have no brain and yet have existed on earth for approximately 600 million years I still hold out hope for some people, they too must have their place on our planet, one should be respectful.


it is a fact in that it exists; as for what is in there, which version do you see as fact, which interpretation? as fact or not, do we see it all as entirely literal, allegorical, somewhere in between? does one prefer old or new testament in terms of fact? how does one reconcile the several opposing outlooks between the two? why is it that those calling themselves christians have been those most likely to hurt others in the name of christianity?


“they” exist in innumerable versions and formats I will concede. Hoping Harold would clarify which version he personally is referencing and of course as you mentioned the distinction of old and new testament in some, not all, versions. Yep, being a stickler on facts.


a well phrased, deep thought presentation.
given your openness to exploration, here are a couple of links to pdf copies of some interesting works. they are each, for the most part, harmonious with buddhist philosophy.
the first will auto download a pdf of a book by michael newton https://freepages.rootsweb.com/~mokurai/genealogy/journey.pdf (if it does not work, search journey of souls pdf); the second, which also downloads auto, is a very curious read titled a wanderer’s handbook


I am a voracious reader biff. Life long learner. Consumed with a desire for knowledge on any topic that catches my attention. Too many books and web sites, even podcasts, given that I also find wandering among the rocks, rivers and lakes, flora and fauna excellent education as well… maybe even the best reality check to the rest?
If you are not aware, there is a novel titled “Lamb, the Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal”, author Christopher Moore. Biff provides the scoop on Christ’s missing years in these pages. I have always recognized that any god must have a sense of humour to have created sapiens, or a world they evolved in, so no harm in reading Biff’s tales right?


another good read from you, and thanks for the read; looks like it should have some great irony and satire, not too unlike the bible


i brought up religion as explained in the following entry.

Last edited 5 months ago by biff

I missed that you did bring it up biff; i am often on these comment pages when tired from other initiatives. My apology to Harold for my oversight.


i would say that i am sorry to have brought it up, but your entries subsequent are fine reads – thank you for those

Last edited 5 months ago by biff

i noted religion because i feel those that can buy into the rubbish that passes as a basis for life spewing from organised religion are lacking an ability to reason. moreover, given the massive numbers of people that follow organised religions the world over, has one not seen the bs as underscored by the state of the planet? no respect for the planet itself, nor much in the way of love for fellow beings…mostly “faith”, “hope”, lots of rituals, and rituals, and rituals, and tons of hypocrites, as prejudices and judgements prevail and resound far more than love and tolerance and forgiveness, and treating others the way you would want to be treated….indeed, if a jesus is coming, so few will make the grade on acts of merit – so ya all best hope that simply saying you accept jesus is going to save you. what a joke.
not saying there is no higher power, nor intelligent design – but it is ridiculous to think we can live as disrespectful arseholes and say we accept the likes of jesus and we are good for an eternal heaven. lol kind of like expecting to get a university degree without doing any of the work.
then, we get the ignorant so-called pious religious folk thinking they have the right to meddle in the bodies of others? that they have the right to tell others how to live their lives. we all have the right to be protected from transgressions and the enslavement from others, but no one has the right to own the body of another.
so, go believe what you will, but stay out of the personal choices that we each must have a right to. if there is to be a judgement day, then let your god be the judge,and not any of us as obviously ignorant, prejudiced, flawed, hypocritical humans.
if there is a “best” approach to all of this, i suspect it has to do with growing our ability to love unconditionally, to be tolerant, forgiving of self and others, graceful, compassionate, kind, giving. there are some incredible light beings among us, but so few. and, rather than have the likes of our best rule, we either settle for the worst to rule, or, we get behind the worst to ensure they rule. good god, it is tragic.