December 17th, 2017

Letters to the Editor

Face-covering ban aimed at making Muslims conform

By Letter to the Editor on October 29th, 2017

The ban on face coverings for people living in or visiting Quebec and using government services was made very general, in an attempt to allow lawmakers to claim it does not target Muslims. So it also targets people with scarves, air-pollution masks, Halloween costumes, widows and mascots like Bonhomme, the Quebec winter carnival mascot. Bonhomme ... Read More »

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Sometimes rights of society outweighrights of the individual

By Letter to the Editor on October 28th, 2017

Premier Notley recently added her voice to that of Premier Wynne of Ontario condemning Quebec’s Bill 62 that bans face coverings for people giving or receiving a service funded by the taxpayer. While this bill is a thinly veiled attempt to ban the niqab/burqa, it is possible that our two provincial leaders were a might ... Read More »

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Leadership needed to combat racism in community

By Letter to the Editor on October 28th, 2017

In her book “Halfbreed,” the Metis writer Maria Campbell said this: “Lethbridge, like towns everywhere with a large Native population, is really racistÉ” That was in 1966. I like to think we have improved a bit since then. Bob Tarleck’s letter reviews the things council has done to improve the lives of disadvantaged people. All ... Read More »

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Pro-life viewpoint marginalizes women

By Letter to the Editor on October 26th, 2017

In response to Lukas Drapal’s letter today (Oct. 19), “Not all choices are good,” we would agree, since it is obvious, but the idea that complex dilemmas can only be addressed by his religion’s ancient edicts, supposedly derived from “natural law” or “intuition,” is just another attempt to place his imagined “divine law” above all ... Read More »

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Correcting respondents’ assumptions

By Letter to the Editor on October 26th, 2017

I see that people have been online, writing all sorts of unsubstantiated assumptions of their own in their responses to my recent letter. Be assured, folks, I do accept and use government services like roads, hospitals, schools, clean water. You folks missed the point. Grinandbearit: there are services which are reasonable and which we expect ... Read More »

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Where is compassion for the vulnerable?

By Letter to the Editor on October 25th, 2017

We have lost our heart, Lethbridge. It is evident in the letters to the editor and roasts submitted each week. Specifically, it is discouraging to read vitriol from individuals who appear to have no compassion for the sick and vulnerable members of our city: people who are routinely looked down upon, abused, attacked and/or ignored. ... Read More »

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Why should apparel choice determine service access?

By Letter to the Editor on October 25th, 2017

Apparently 85 per cent of the 437 respondents said “yes” to the question: “Do you support Quebec’s new law forbidding anyone from using government services with their face covered?” Why does someone’s apparel and how they choose to wear or not wear it determine services to be provided by governments? Most of what we wear ... Read More »

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Another example of why polls aren’t reliable

By Letter to the Editor on October 25th, 2017

Although not particularly humoured with some of the old and ineffective war horses elected to represent me in the next sitting of our municipal council, I did find a measure of humour in The Herald poll running the following day, Oct. 17, asking if we readers “voted in Monday’s municipal election.” The poll, showing that ... Read More »

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Discrimination an evil which affects us all

By Letter to the Editor on October 24th, 2017

Martin Heavy Head is to be congratulated for his timely and conscience-raising letter of Oct. 17. He raises issues of discrimination, the elephant at the dining table, all too familiar to many. Its memories are often retained a generation on. The reasoning and logic behind discrimination are often lost. Those who promote it in its ... Read More »

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Politics needs to hear from all voices

By Letter to the Editor on October 24th, 2017

It was a respectful and well-controlled Conservative public debate last week at the Exhibition grounds. Doug Sweitzer is fired up! He pleaded with us both in his email and at the local debate, to follow the trend of recent civic elections in Canada, in order to win the next election. He says we need to ... Read More »

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Candidate wasn’t only supported by one segment of the city

By Letter to the Editor on October 23rd, 2017

I am writing in response to words you attributed to the re-elected mayor, Chris Spearman, in your post-election coverage on Oct. 17. “At the same time, we have to recognize 25 per cent of the people voting have some level of dissatisfaction,” he said. “I think Mr. Janzen represents seniors on fixed income and I ... Read More »

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