October 1st, 2020

Letters to the Editor

Too locked into oil and gas?

By Letter to the Editor on July 16th, 2020

In response to the letter by John Calpas (“Request to shut down oil industry is misguided”). Perhaps it is not a question of the university or the prime minister shutting down the oil industry. Could it be the “market” that is shutting down the oil industry? Are we so locked into oil and gas that ... Read More »

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Comments display ignorance, bigotry

By Letter to the Editor on July 16th, 2020

I am often saddened by statements made in the Roasts & Toasts page. June 15 had many roasts that displayed both ignorance and bigotry toward certain members of our community. Homeless people were accused of theft, of being in places they didn’t belong. What makes this even more disturbing is that the roasters are nameless. ... Read More »

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ARCHES story misleading

By Letter to the Editor on July 16th, 2020

Your July 9 front-page article, “Report paints adverse picture of ARCHES,” is out of date, misleading and lacks proper context. It is unfair to both the staff at ARCHES and to your readers. The central “leaked report” is old, several weeks so. It refers to issues that are currently resolved or are being addressed. By ... Read More »

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Forgetting Tories’ prorogation

By Letter to the Editor on July 15th, 2020

Dear Ms. Rachael Harder, MP: I delighted in your “Happy Canada Day” flyer and positive message about celebrating Canada Day. However, I was surprised by your negativity around the suspension of Parliament and insistence that Parliament meet in person during this continuing COVID-19 crisis. I would think that the federal government should continue to work ... Read More »

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Caregiving is harder than it appears

By Letter to the Editor on July 15th, 2020

Mr. Tarleck (re: letter to the editor, “Ways to improve long-term care,” June 30 Herald): As a 17-year veteran of caregiving, trained in a long-term care facility, I came home in the evening after that training believing I had been run over by a Mack truck – this after coming from 10 years in a ... Read More »

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Pension change would threaten Albertans’ interests

By Letter to the Editor on July 15th, 2020

The UCP government and our premier are intent on Alberta withdrawing from the Canada Pension Plan. This follows the release of the Fair Deal Panel report which echoes exactly what Jason Kenney wanted to hear prior to him creating the panel. The same Fair Deal Panel report cited a telephone poll of 1,000 Albertans and ... Read More »

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How about free pass for seniors?

By Letter to the Editor on July 11th, 2020

Dear Honorable Speaker of the House Anthony Rota, I have written this letter before (about 10 years ago) but no response. In my conversation with new Canadians they have let me know that along with their citizenship they get a pass to the federal parks in Canada. I think that is a very nice gesture, ... Read More »

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Humanity’s effect on the Earth easy to see

By Letter to the Editor on July 10th, 2020

Re: Cosmos Voutsinos’s guest column Tuesday, June 30, “Re-examining assumptions.” Cosmos’s remarks in The Herald stating “thereby justifying all their climate alarmism.” If Cosmos can’t see the effect humanity has on this Eath, all he has to do is turn his thermostat on, take a drink of water from his tap and then go flush ... Read More »

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Province is in need of wise leadership

By Letter to the Editor on July 10th, 2020

There have been many thoughtful letters to the editor and opinion pieces in the Lethbridge Herald over the past weeks and months on subjects of concern to the readership and Albertans in general. And the UCP government is working ruthlessly and diligently and with a terrifying efficiency to take full advantage of the crisis afforded ... Read More »

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Think wearing a mask is uncomfortable?

By Letter to the Editor on July 10th, 2020

It’s disheartening to see so many people not adhering to the AHS guidelines including mask wearing. The following is from a nurse who works with ventilators. If you think wearing a mask is uncomfortable and humiliating, this information is for people who don’t understand what it means to be on a ventilator but want to ... Read More »

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Provincial sales tax solution to revenue woes

By Letter to the Editor on July 9th, 2020

Most of us can appreciate the services that taxes buy, like highways without potholes for example, public schools that welcome every child in the community and a public health-care system that won’t bankrupt us when we get sick. Yet, we grumble about paying taxes. Nonetheless, Alberta is broke again thanks to the collapse of oil ... Read More »

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