November 26th, 2020

Letters to the Editor

Pipeline delays are hardly Trudeau’s fault

By Letter to the Editor on December 3rd, 2019

One of the benefits of living in Canada is the ability to air one’s thoughts publicly without serious repercussions. So it is that Ms. Skriver (Nov. 22 letter to the editor) can use these pages to enhance her views no matter her reasoning and conclusions which are, in my opinion, open to debate. It may ... Read More »

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Check the real scientific data on climate

By Letter to the Editor on November 30th, 2019

I’m not sure where the writer of the Nov. 20 letter to the editor “Climate-change deniers show lack of logic” finds climate deniers. I haven’t met one! Even among the ill-informed, no one denies that climate changes. Pressed, they’ll explain they “think” they heard somewhere that climate had been changing even before North America was ... Read More »

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Pension puzzler

By Letter to the Editor on November 30th, 2019

I have a little math question for everyone who has or wants a savings account. Would you invest your money at nine per cent or a little over two per cent? I know the answer is pretty obvious but think about it for a while. Most of you would jump at the chance to earn ... Read More »

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Like a frog in a pot of warm water

By Letter to the Editor on November 29th, 2019

Historian Yuval Harari of Hebrew University says in his book, “Homo Sapiens,” human species emerged in East Africa 90,000 years ago. The human population grew rapidly, driving more than 90 per cent of other species to disappear. As the lifestyle began to switch from foraging to agriculture during about 12,000 BCE, mass extinction accelerated. The ... Read More »

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Oil-based products are still needed

By Letter to the Editor on November 28th, 2019

Littering of the environment incites campaigns against plastics. However, remove all oil products from modern society and we will have a shabby world. Not only will most of your car’s interior trimmings be gone, but also all asphalt roads, asphalt shingles on roofs, home heating, garbage bins, plastic bottles and containers in pharmacies, hardware and ... Read More »

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Spending uproar an overreaction to the action

By Letter to the Editor on November 28th, 2019

Re: David Legg’s travel I, too, am upset about David Legg from the premier’s office and the $19,000 of travel money. But my concern comes from the other side, meaning I’m concerned how a spending like this for the purpose it is intended can set so many people’s hair on fire. First off, David grew ... Read More »

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Temporary cuts can turn out to be permanent

By Letter to the Editor on November 27th, 2019

As a teacher in the Klein era when he gave huge advantages to Big Oil, we as a group were coerced into a five per cent salary cut. Sadly, at the same time he was giving away our resources to foreign companies at bargain-store prices. The problem is that for many of us it was ... Read More »

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The business of government is business

By Letter to the Editor on November 27th, 2019

One of the reasons a change of government is a positive thing in a healthy democracy is it forces the party voted out of power to re evaluate the way it was conducting itself. That’s the theory at any rate. The Kenney government put the lie to that idea. It appears that four years out ... Read More »

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Doctors can’t shirk duty because of conscience

By Letter to the Editor on November 27th, 2019

Bill 207, the so-called Conscience Rights Protection Act, was introduced to the Alberta Legislature privately by Daniel Williams, a new MLA. It has failed to make it as far as second reading and so dies. Had it been enacted, certain health-care professionals, including physicians, would have been allowed to refuse any help to their patients ... Read More »

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Obama’s support revived Liberal campaign

By Lethbridge Herald on November 22nd, 2019

In support of “Didn’t Obama mingle in Canada’s election?” I think he meant meddle! It was proven that Obama’s endorsement five days before the election had an immediate and huge upward effect on the polling of Justin Trudeau. Liberals were tanking and immediately after Obama’s endorsement, Obama’s comment was retweeted a few hundred thousand times, ... Read More »

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Trying to block movie is blocking free speech

By Lethbridge Herald on June 25th, 2019

Many pro-life groups fought hard to get the movie “Unplanned” to be shown in Canada, writing letters, petitions, phone calls to government MPs and distributors, etc. and finally success! The Movie Mill in Lethbridge said yes, and now a petition has been launched to pressure them into not showing it. There is no such thing ... Read More »

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